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The first post!

+Pink because I'm an uncle now. (and safe-for-work)

Theme inspired by Zinnia Jones free thinker blog known as EmpTv, before he made it about giant rubber prosthetic horse-dangles.

❤ The salmon red in the middle really ties it together. ❤

Blogs get old and you must rebuild.

I've done 30+ blogs in ≈20 years, age 14 to 34.

I quit the tired WordPress/Tumblelog style.

2020 will do a web design ret-con like 2004 meets WebGL.

Ret-con is hair-metal going to clean cut.

2008-2016, endless blog scrolling is dead.

The ret-con 2004 feel is all info 1-page-load no scroll hours.

Wordpress is a car and plain PHP is a bicycle.

Hey! My .htaccess makes an HTML injection in the <title> from the URL slug! Can you hack me?

Proudly NOT powered by any monopoly blogging platform, but many great thanks to Chromium/Mozilla DevTools, MAMP/Apache, and Notepad++/TextWrangler because they did all the real work here. I, Jake Jilg am just a designer.
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