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I've invented a comic on paper that needs more work. Here is a rough thumbnail of what it will be.

I have 50-60 even more rough thumbnails hand-drawn on paper. It's going to be a family comic like Baby Blues, and I'm the dad, but the mom is my imaginary friend, making the kids half imaginary / half real, sci-fi trippy concept.

All my old art was made while manic or lethargicly depressed and now, I see it's all crap. I took down over 1,000 arts. My comics were NSFW, not funny, and made no sense.

A fresh start...

Ever since I bought a cute little girl from Earl May's, the thought that I have a daughter has been trickling into my skull ever so slightly.

I named her Hauvu after my Chinese LRC roommate, diagnosed mentally ill to not know English and has an expired Visa. She is quiet like him and she has a baby face like him, and she might even be made in China too.

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