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Post Razor Print Image Split Online

Can print thing, but the super simplified (mobile?) printer dialog UI doesn't have tile-razor-printing or maybe too lazy to find it?

There is an app for a thing.

Web app in link ^

Bootleg blackshirts skull design so as not to offend the Official University of Nebraska Seal.

I'm learning deeper HTML5 and it splits images with javascript.

actual size ^ about 36" of a4 letter paper
(razor cut + taped together like print college 1st year student, me :)

The small PHP part only represents the base64 into image binary and hides under the htaccess URL of said image to make the HTML5 canvas base64 downloadable.

That ^ is not even Greek to an HTML5 game designer, which is a tier above web designer by about 3em. I'm just a web designer because I don't know Pixi.

PHP View-Source Link for Curiosity

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