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I bought a new HP Laptop and I'm blabla Windows 10 does no has Minesweeper. That means WRITE MINESWEEPER! YAY!

Kids these days don't know Relentless Logic (a 1960's computer game!), but I grew up with Minesweeper 98 and let me tell you, what you do is, you guess where the bombs are and flag them with the right click; sniff for bombs with the left click, but click a bomb and die.

The graphics are inline base-64 so it's a package portable HTML file (no extra files).

Play in link ^ or in frame v.

There is no fancy algorithm, only a fancy recursive boolean. That's the secret.

Check for bombs ←↙↓↘→↗↑↖ and if no found repeat boolean on those 8 spaces; stop recursion where bombs found; count bordering bombs for logic. For some reason, this creates the famous spread effect and it blew my mind, so simple.

I use a 4-dir && 4-dir re-boolean.

If you get stuck, view my source. The complicated part is only about 40 lines.

That's ^ the tutorial.

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