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JSONp to Get Image Info

Server can get more image info than javascript and prior to image loaded.

That is a call to make a JSON, why not? Keep in mind that if you use my domain, it becomes external JSONp (asycronous / defeats the purpose) instead of a clean syncronous JSON , so it's better to look at my source and self host this, or else use vanilla javascript, if you want it.

This is a JSONp, and JSONp is x-domain ajax; it goes in the src of a <script> element, and it functions as an asycronous callback, because it's a dynamic script taking a query.

My query excludes the ? but it's a query. It does that in case the url in query has its own ? query.

My query takes 4 options.

  1. Image URL (required)
  2. callback function name
  3. 2nd arguments (string or integer) to better organize callback
  4. arguments AS_ARG || arguments as array AS_ZERO (constants for quirkiness?)

Play around with it as an iframe src that would be a sript src.

url = https://jakeis.com
img = https://jakeis.com/new-php-logo.png
(any domain / any image) ^

callback function and no arguments

callback with one arg as arg

callback with 4 args as arg

callback with 4 args as property 0 instead of separate args

tweak this ^ guy &&
see what this v guy does

PHP View-Source Link for Curiosity

I wish all the APIs had argument options for the callback. I did some Tumblr JSONp in Greasemonkey using the public key. Handling multiple async callbacks is weird without an intuitive way to know which one it was.

I think JavaScript can get this stuff with img/gl/canvas things which may be better than PHP because server resources, but I'm new to deep HTML5, yet.

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