Norton and Nort-off

My brother is getting me all computer paranoid. He’s off his meds talking about, he’s getting hacked on all his devices, and he called Apple and the Apple Genius told him to call the FBI. I’ve noticed weird happenings when I’m online, so I’m worried about things…

I subscribed to Norton because you never know. I got Deluxe which means I can install it on 5 computers. I have an iMac and an HP Notebook.

I mean it works. It found one adware installed on my PC and some tracking cookies with my first and last name in the cookie.

This is how I got the adware. Windows 8.1 couldn’t find the driver for my SD card slot, so I got the driver from (which I won’t link to, because it gives you adware) – Driver Pack Solutions, and sure enough I was having random pop-up ads and sure enough Norton took care of it, and I even got to keep my SD card slot driver, which makes me suspect I didn’t even need DRPSU.On my Mac however, not one virus or tracking cookie was ever found, and to top it off, the safe browser extension and the idle scans made my iMac hot enough to bake brownies, and if you Google Norton Mac + symdaemon you’ll see that it’s a common problem for symdaemon to chew up the CPU constantly for no good reason and if you disable auto scans and safe browsing you get constant pop ups about how your Mac is insecure,

so I just called Norton Support to get a refund

I only had to spell my name Jilg about 40 times, because it’s not J.I.L.T. or G.I.L.T. or G.I.L.G. ; it’s J.I.L.G, but the call was a success at getting a refund.

I’m only blogging about it because I have no life. C’est la vie.

“Selfies” For Lack a Grownup Lingo for Self-Taken Self-Photos

Sorry for all the selfies. I didn’t want my gravatars taking up all that space in the sidebar, but I didn’t want to get rid of my pretty face.

Basically what I’m trying to show is my yo-yo weight tendency. I lose weight off meds, but right when I’m feeling comfortable with my size, the cops show up with a warrant, because it’s illegal for me to be average weight because my meds are involuntary (outpatient commitment). ( 2009 – 2017

Words from Jake…


… (Abilify)





… (Invega)







… (Risperdal)








… (Depakote & Zyprexa)



I look like every kind of uncle.

The journal diaries of reclusive blogging hermit continued…

Entry #242 – Ghost Cat

Every once in a while all the neighborhood dogs all start barking. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around; they love to bark at passing strangers and when the weather alert alarm tests sound they all start howling. I live in a small town; I can hear every little sound through the walls. I can hear my neighbor’s refrigerator. Lately at times, they just didn’t stop barking so I got curious and peak out the window. Is somebody out there? So I see this cat just standing there staring at the dogs.

Oh. It’s just a cat.

Still peaking out the window, I see that the cat that seemed stationary has now gone; I can no longer see it. The dogs keep barking, so my Spidey sense is tingling; where did that cat go? The dogs still see it, but I can’t, but sure enough it seemed to appear out of thin air in another location. I didn’t see it and there it was. It’s moving around, but I never see it walking. It just sits there staring at those barking dogs.

At this point, I’m as interested in this mysterious cat as those dogs are. I decided to take a picture of it. I got this blurry photo of the cat, but only about 16 barking incidents later. Every time I went to look through the camera, the cat was gone. This sounds stupid, but the cat is around those dogs for 10 minutes at a time and whenever I go to take a photo of it, it’s vanished. This Sasquatch-esque photo is all I can turn up for this blog article sadly.

I made a Time Calculator << Click; it’s in this link

It doesn’t know Daylight Savings… I don’t care. My dyslexia is spreading to my legs and if I don’t get off the computer soon they will have to amputated.

With this calculator, I learned that I am 32.9013711469929 years old as of this right now. << Click; it’s in this link

EDIT: I took out the GMT offset for reasons of my own cognitive failure, because it made 1 day = 18 hours in GMT – 6 (24 – 6 = 18) so if you want to calculate GMT/UTC offset, just take any time and, put N for hour in the difference column for time +/- N hours.

Some Photography of My ‘Lil Rock Baby

I got this used eBay Kodak camera and half of the time the zoom breaks and there is a black ring around the photos in the corner and the picture looks fish-eyed. Today I was lucky enough to get it to work. The quality is not very good either, but I’m no photographer. I probably should have shut the ceiling fan off because it creates an epilepsy inducing strobe light effect with shadows and the camera’s light sensors probably didn’t read well. I’ll try again some other time.

This one ^ is my favorite.

Got my shot today and I try to write a blog.

This blog reads like it’s written by a person who doesn’t read. Could become a book? That makes sense to me because when I walk into a library I only see a giant catalogue of paper I’m too lazy to look at.

Mania is for writing. The meds don’t want me to write.

BTW, if Tuesday was Pi Day, today is The Stunner day.

Youtube Curl MP4 Link Finder

This is an old thing I wrote in php that I had on my Hostgator hosted (a GoDaddy domain which now just redirects to my Freehand MX art blog, the new(ish) WordPress with all my art posts converted from the old Tumblr blog of the same name).

Youtube seems to have changed a lot so I can only get this to work half the time. I’m too lazy to fix it. For functionality purposes, web apps don’t do the best job of scraping the html for MP4 links with economy hosting resources; it works but by the time you download two of them, the third+ MP4 links have already expired because Youtube only provides a temporary MP4 link with each view. It’s the same MP4 provided to you with the HTML5 video player that automatically starts downloading anyway as soon as you view a Youtube video link, that is if the HTML5 player uses MP4 selected by your browser’s preferred video mime type.

I’m only putting this old web app up for historical purposes. I wrote a thing, I’m proud of it, and you can also view its source and see how it used to work on a 2014-2015 Youtube. 2017+ not so much…

The one part of this app that still works perfectly (I think) is the playlist grabber that simply does preg_match on all the video links in any playlist/channel HTML with curl. So you can get a quick list of video links to watch later and online I might add, instead of downloaded to be watched offline like a caveman, because it is 2017 and Youtube online quality is better than ever.

In other news, the subdomains and are now forwarded.

Harold’s MineSweeper ’98

I made two MineSweeper games in one day since I learned the fancy algorithm to spread zero mine bomb spaces to the numbered spaces. The algorithm is a simple 4-direction boolean with recursion.

I made the first one with HTML. I made this one in RGP Maker MV. This one was harder to make. It’s more stimulating because it has music and graphics from RPG Maker. Yay!

Play it Online…

You probably don’t want to download a 130mb zip, but here are download links. Mv makes things big.

Mac Version (.dmg)

Windows Version (.zip)

Or play online.

I’m so tired of MineSweeper.

Women’s Day March 8, 2017

My nephews and my cousin’s boys were randomly squirting me with squirt guns this summer, but I’ve seen my cousin’s girls target shooting at my uncle’s ranch using real firearms, and I just thought that was cool. Here is this illustration made in ComiPo to recreate what I saw, because I’m not a creep who takes pictures of kids. Watch out for the tinnitus.

You’re Awesome Like This Pizza!

The hierarchy of pizza goes

  1. Brick Oven
  2. Pizza Oven (Hut)
  3. Homemade
  4. Microwave
  5. Oven (store)
  6. ________________
  7. all other foods below this…

I rank microwave over oven because it is better. Microwave includes Pizza Pockets and Pizza Rolls, Pizza Bagels, etc.

Oven? It’s not delivery, it’s because it’s only five bucks and tastes like burnt cheese on a stale baguette.

The only exception to this oven low rank rule if the oven pizza is really frozen Brick Oven like Marifano.

Homemade oven also ranks above oven like how you use two lbs of hamburger and a 8 cup bag of cheese like this…

Celebrating 9k Views on my Youtube Video, and 6k Installs on my User Script


I made this video in 2009 and just titled it the song I got from Youtube audio swap. 9k views since then!

(LOL, the views are for fans of the song which is not mine! nobody has liked videos ever since the early 1990’s)


And I made a user script in 2013 which has 6k installs on Greasyfork. I think it might have had 3k installs on the former, so I’m having a 9k day.

I just made a Youtube video today that shows how to use it. 4 views in one hour so far.

This isn’t very much compared to the pros, but this is the best thing in my life right now.