April 25th, 2016 – Hyrdoxycut Pro Clinical Review

This stuff is awesome!

You aren’t supposed to take it with coffee or other caffeine. I do.

You may notice I’m constantly b*tching about my outpatient-commitment involuntary bipolar meds (redundantly!). This diet pills is how I self medicate for that crappy shot. I prefer this Pro Clinical, but it only keeps me sane on this Haldol shot. I’ve actually lost weight when I take SX-7. I can’t handle that kind though.

I don’t take this stuff off-meds. I can’t even handle Mtn. Dew, off meds.

So I showed this box to my concerned therapist Doug at East Central, and he says it’s basically the chemical equivalent of coffee wrapped in candy coating, after reading the ingredients.

JSON Include External Page

I wrote this app to include my Tumblr pages in my themes. It’s lost its value now that I’m on wordpress and can do all that with theme php. Regardless, back then I had a page of the blogs I follow (I can do followers too with a different thing) on my main blog and then I used this generated javascript to include themed blogs-I-follow on all my secondary blogs which is not by a Tumblr default thing. This is custom made for Tumblr “custom” pages because it removes the Tumblr page garbage, but this can include any HTML page anywhere.

<script type="text/javascript" id="myScriptID" src="http://jakeis.com/json/include_page/replace/myScriptID/with/https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test/json.js"></script>


https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test – is my page
myScriptID is the ID of the script or element, will be replaced with included html

It’s simple.

Here is a button with the ID to be replaced instead. Click the button to embed this sample page.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://jakeis.com/json/include_page/replace/replaceThisButton/with/https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test/json.js"></script>

It’s easier to replace the script that deals it, but for this live example I replace a button with that ID.

Ethically you should only include html pages that you own. I think if you try to include Google or something it will block the curl.

Generate Random Birthdays



First time Hy-Vee spring water buyer review…

I’ve been buying drinking water for a while now because Columbus, Ne water comes from a river and it’s hard enough for my dentist to notice hard water stains on my teeth.

So Hy-Vee was out of drinking water so I got spring water. I used to live near a spring that came out of the Ogallala aquifer and there was a bottled water distributor in town who sold it and that water was pretty good. I grew up with my family’s own aquifer ground water well. That water is prime.

The Hv-Vee spring water tastes like Des Moines tap water. At least this jug does; maybe it’s a bottling mistake. I’m a connoi-sewer about bad city water.

RPG Maker MV – Font, Spellcheck, and Format Message Preview (HTML)

RPG Maker MV is great. You can change your fonts and everything. But the preview in MV only shows the default font and there is still no built-in spellcheck. I designed in HTML a little editable box to preview fonts and spellcheck and stuff, using browser spellcheck.

Mv Message Spelling and Format Tester << this link

And this is my forum post by me as Mogwai about it to explain more…

It’s not my most popular thing there, but I use it all the time in my game making.

Animated Mental Patient Art

I was just in the Catholic mental hospital again over this Thanksgiving for not following my outpatient order. (not taking my involuntary shot) So I did this fractal coloring in arts and crafts group and when I got out I animated it.

I have schizoaffective and a force med outpatient order even though there is no possible real way to pharmaceutically treat thought and behavior in science.

Coffee Blogging – Every Good Blog Needs This

For its 91,046,479th appearance on blog on the web…

Coffee is a good thing. Don’t make bad coffee.

Here is a list of the basic advice that most avid coffee drinkers will tell you if you are just getting into coffee or you are bad at coffee.

  • Make sure to clean your coffee maker once a month by running a pot of 1 part water and 1 part distilled white vinegar through an empty filter, pause brewing about halfway for 20 minutes, followed by a pot of plain water through an empty filter. This keeps it from getting moldy.
  • City water makes for bad coffee too. A gallon of drinking water is usually about a dollar at a good grocery store. Make coffee with that.
  • Don’t leave it on the burner too long. It can overcook the coffee and make it taste bad that way too.
  • If you still make bad coffee after this short checklist, buy better grounds or just get the beans and grind your own. (I don’t grind my own, but I’ve read nice things.)

Pride Flag Generators

I stole this idea from Facebook. I on the other hand also made one for the Fourth of July that’s coming up, too.

Patriot Image Generator

Contemplating the 50 Stars

(grade 5)

  • Sliced Vertically – Five Rows of 9
  • Sliced Horizontally – Four Rows of 11
  • add extra 5 and 6 = 50
    (a modulus of 9 and a modulus of 11: to 50)
  •  9/11

Me thinking ^ while positioning the fifty stars with PHP.

source: http://jakeis.com/usa_this_image/?source

Pride Image Generator

source: http://jakeis.com/pride_this_image/?source

I’ve also seen like the trans colors, pansexual, asexual, antigenital, etc., but I don’t think those are needed. The LGBT flag (am  I calling it that right?) covers 4 kinds of pride in the abbreviation and I think just plain calling it the pride flag makes it a blanket term that covers all of those other flags. I mean for example, just with my own sexuality, I’d have to cross a bi flag with an asexual flag and throw in elements of pansexual and aromantic and sprinkle on some internet porn addict stickers (cybersexual, I invented it) and that’s just getting kind of convoluted. You can have pride in whatever it is you do.

Given that topic, I made this thing in ComiPo Manga Maker.

Jacob Jilg‘s Pride Flag

So this is my personal sexual identity flag ^ . 20 more years of working for peanuts, and virginity, and isolation, and philosophical pain of awareness, and it will 100% completely be a white surrender flag.

The gay states are my childhood with two alpha male brothers. The purple to gray black stripes are asexuality. The V is voluntary virginity, similar to V.H.E.M.T. but I don’t care about the environment. I just don’t like life. The stars are all porn stars, big or small (famous and unknown). The question marks are the ultimate question: WHY?