That’s what my 16 year old grandma used to do… You know what I mean.üpig

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This is Pudiss the Cat – strip 21. It inspired conversation with my Tumblr stalker. I’m glad I deleted my Tumblr.

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And Faith the cat faints because she’s so desperate… Benjaminikuta is my only Tumblr follower.


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I have my dad’s problematic bowl. He just lets it drip into his underwear all day. I solve the problem by douching. It gets the leftovers that hang around just passed the sphincter. It’s great; I got the shower attachment and everything. If you think you need all that poop in you then why don’t you eat it?


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This is Benjaminikuta. He likes all my posts on Tumblr. Love!

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I’m doing too many poop jokes lately. I’m not a deviant; I’m just forced to take creativity suppressants (anti-psychotics) against my will.

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The joke is he went up inside her womb to be born again. I just want to make that clear.

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I’m not sure what their relationship is, but Faith would not long for Pudiss’s affection if she wasn’t suffering from sleep deprivation. What a scene for Pudiss the Cat!

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Hyvee did this to me. She left me at the register to switch out my milk for some price reason and when I got home it was sour. I submitted a complaint on the Hy-Vee website. The manager told me via email to bring the milk back in for a refund, but I can’t be arsed a trip back to the store for the price of milk. Somebody else would probably get the returned milk, IDK. I had already dumped it. Vagina.

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I bet if I watch more daytime TV and steal their bland corny jokes, I would be a very successful cartoonist. So this joke is from King of Queens. That’s not what a DS package looks like apparently. Please comment.

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I thought of this speech, but it was just my brain vaguely remembering a scene from a movie and labeling it as my own idea brand.

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Faith is so desperate. I’m sorry. I’m not really sure what her stance on relationships is.

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I hate you for making me hate things.

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Pudiss takes Faith to a bar and they dance. This is a scene from Yes Dear. I’m watching too much daytime TV in my unemployed life.

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Can you believe I had this posted on my Facebook.

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If you read Pudiss the Cat, you’ll see that this is the only good page.

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This is the dilemma that makes me keep deleting my Tumblr account. I want followers so I feel like my art is worth something. I can never get any followers tho… until I get a random follower and then I get all introvert paranoid like I don’t want anyone to see my text posts!

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I’ve done too many poop jokes in my cat comic that once had potential. Jeez Louiz!

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I stole this joke from Yes Dear. We can’t all be writers. I’m watching too much daytime TV.

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This is my second Pudiss pooping joke. Can you find the first one?

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I don’t really like this one, but I’ve made so few that I’m leaving this one in for numbers. I’ve really got shit for comics.

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I saw this poop yelling father in a manga somewhere online and I can’t stop thinking about it.

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