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Do you ‘member getting a black label? I ‘member!

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Happy Mothers day from the re-restyle of my restyled College Grade Baby Blues called “I’m Zoey’s Uncle”.

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I had a dream that I was giving a speech on an intercom thing.

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This is a dream I just had last night, and a real life situation I’ve had way too many times.

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I did this joke a few months late, because I have been inpatient again.

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In the hospital there was a meth head who carried around a teddy bear and called it monkey pickles when she ate bananas and I couldn’t get it out of my head.


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I saw an image on Amazon that made me think of this.


I think this is funny. I don’t know why. Comment if you agree.


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Patriot Pony crisps celery in the fridge and is amazed!?

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John is in the mental hospital. I don’t know why. IWTD.

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My most tedius illustration ever and It’s not even worth anything because it’s an illustration of another artist’s illustration. That makes this a #college-grade because that’s where I post my art fan-art web-comics, or as my art teachers in print college refer to as “plagiarism”.

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Just blowing shit up… My little Pony is G.I.Joe mo-fo!

Posted by at April 6, 2016

So Peterus Pony beloved Warhorse is dead and the enemy gives her the old Trojan horse in the likeness of her fallen soldier. Illied armies, like the Iliad/Allied… IDK… I want to continue this epic, but I’m baked on antipsychotics…


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I don’t drink. I just think it’s cool.

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Douche is good for your guts.

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I put like four hours of effort into a thing and all I can make is shit… Don’t smoke.

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PAAaaaaAAY COLLECT! Do you remember? No….?

Posted by at March 4, 2016

It’s a play on words. Vice deferens… Because he’s Osmosis Jones! PaaaAAAaaY COLLECT!

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I don’t want to die. I just want to not exist, like have no beginning or anything… But if you got the pills that killed Micheal Jackson, I’ll totally be down.


Batman jumping in about the recent Robin Williams thing because he is the genie, but this is not about that Dark Knight!

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This is actually taken from a Simpson’s quote.

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The shot is my antipsychotics and the blank panel after the shot is my art life after the shot. (nothing)

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Hakuna-Matata lyrics parody. It means know worries. I want to die.

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I’m getting lazy with the backgrounds. And these are all the same template. Lethargy my meds furthermore…

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the iMac girl if she were a horse.

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If you are wondering how I have 1000 art posts at this time, but I only have five odd hundred showing (BECAUSE YOU COUNTED???) it’s because most of my webcomics are underground.

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The only one who cared about me after the ponies left this little horsey for dead.

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Peterus Recieve’s Warhorse’s Dogtags For Valentines Day


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This little horsey was just living on social security, laying around, wishing he was dead when the ponies decided to make it happen.

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You’re cute like my asp.

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My meds…

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Antipsychotics not only stifle my creativity; they stifle my talent. I can’t mentally visualize anything without my natural dopamine level.

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My own Patriot Pony cartoon would be awesome if I had the motivation.


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I art from my life.

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It’s true. Psychiatrists are delusional.

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So this is me right now on my involuntary shot. I’m dead. IWTD.

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This is based on a story one of my sister-in-laws told me about how they would just eat corn for a meal.

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