John is in the mental hospital. I don’t know why. IWTD.

Posted by at April 20, 2016

You’re paying off my credit cards asshole!

Posted by at January 8, 2016

My shitty webcomic is just getting so bad and I swear I don’t mean to make it like this.

Posted by at January 2, 2016

Presque Vu is one of the words that I get Presque Vu about.

Posted by at December 15, 2015

Type nevermind in a spellcheck to get the joke…

Posted by at December 12, 2015

I’ve been think about this a lot and I finally decided to get a tent and put it up in my apartment. I have weird push thoughts to do things like this and I only do the things just because I can.

Posted by at November 7, 2015

John gets an amber alert on his phone and doesn’t care. His phone is being schadenfreude so he calls it schadenphone. It’s a play on words.

Posted by at November 3, 2015

The Tell Tale Fart – by Edgar Allan Poo… LOL!

Posted by at November 3, 2015

Brought to you by the Church of Dave Jimbus.

Posted by at October 14, 2015

I thought it sounded funny. I’m sorry. Please comment. Let me have it.

Posted by at June 11, 2015

Garfraud is sleeping on John’s shirts. Poot!

Posted by at June 11, 2015

You’re eating my grains. If you want my grains, then have migraines!

Posted by at June 11, 2015

I make artwork every day and have no followers or notes. I’ve deleted my whole blog three times. Doing the whole thing over gives me something to do.

Posted by at February 14, 2015

Do you remember Shelldon? I don’t. I don’t know where this is all coming from. Forget it.

Posted by at February 14, 2015

Nobody has been set up. You know?

Posted by at February 14, 2015

If you are reading this, you probably don’t celebrate. I mean if you made it.

Posted by at February 14, 2015

The mystery! AwwWGHWWwwhhgfh! DEATH!

Posted by at January 10, 2015

I remember the farm from Garfield and Friends even though I don’t.

Posted by at January 10, 2015

Jon’s lasagna bit to bits. It’s not lasagna. It’s Friskees.

Posted by at January 10, 2015

Strip 14 – My community support worker was caught up in a pyramid scheme selling these herbal shrinking wraps and I thought it was pretty funny.

Posted by at August 4, 2013

That sounds like it could be a catchphrase. Garfraud is so smart.

Posted by at February 7, 2013

I’m a volunteer dog walker and I carry a bag, but ever since I got yelled at, I’m paranoid about letting the dog shit. I figured out my schedule to get the dogs after their yard time, but sometimes the dog is sick. Picture me getting yelled at and trying scoop dog diarrhea into a bag. It got on my hands! It got all over me!

Posted by at February 7, 2013

Why is my head a pumpkin?

Posted by at February 6, 2013

I stole this joke from a commercial. Poop!

Posted by at October 9, 2012

I will probably do many of these.

Posted by at August 31, 2012

I will probably do many more of these.

Posted by at August 31, 2012

That was wrong. I feel dirty.

Posted by at August 31, 2012

I think I’m so clever, but I’m handicapped to express these ideas I think are funny.

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I hate people who smoke inside, but how will I look cool for the ladies without it? Ladies?

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I actually had to Google Greek words to make the Greek expression. This is an older strip. I don’t know why I haven’t uploaded it yet.

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Sex With Garfield #6

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Not listening! La la!

Posted by at January 25, 2010