Tumblr is a toilet…


I left Tumblr three times! I’ve been meaning to do some WordPress, but I still found that too Tumblr’ey. First I switched to Flatpress, converted my Tumblr themes and everything. Then I ran into some trouble with Flatpress because it hasn’t really been updated in a long time. So I converted my Flatpress from Tumblr theme into a WordPress theme. This is like the 28th I’ve made this theme. I finally left Tumblr for good though. Time for WordPress.

Posted by at November 19, 2016
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The good ol’ grenade painted like an Easter egg cliche… Massive pwnage. Happy Easter.

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Real concept; I’m just crap at explaining it. Don’t mind this crap.
So sex is the original sin. The serpent is a metaphor for Adam’s penis. The forbidden fruit in Eve’s belly was baby Kane. We were never meant to be here, because breeding is for dirty animals.

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Like Golan the Insatiable IDK…

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Tournament of Flash Artists. My ass is on Freehand MX. I can’t animate!

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The popular emoji :burgin: from absforums.com around 2008.

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His head is a house and the lights are on, but nobody is home. The angry burnout lost his remote and thinks the ninja stole it, but the remote is in the angry burnout’s pocket.

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Now in tree frog flavor!

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I had a roommate that was eating everybody’s food so I made this and hung it on the fridge.

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