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This RMMV project pingbacks to my other RMMV project on the ComiPo blog…


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That’s what my 16 year old grandma used to do… You know what I mean.üpig

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I’m not really feeling up to it. Here is a famous sticker from 2007.

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I’m not really feeling up to it. Here is a famous sticker from 2007.

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My tools are missing in FH…

I’m quilting patterns onto my tattered black apartment curtains… BOOM!

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Do you ‘member getting a black label? I ‘member!

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Disastrous wording might make it sound creepy, but this is 100% honest.

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Happy Mothers day from the re-restyle of my restyled College Grade Baby Blues called “I’m Zoey’s Uncle”.

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(the broke years 2004-2012)



This one post just became more popular than my ComiPo blog, with this one Tweet.

I have many legit comments to approve. Deep sea diving time.

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I began leaving my VMware Fusion alias to the Windows FHMX on the dock, but it’s blurry and to my surprise, I couldn’t find an HD FHMX icon anywhere on Google, except for ones that are completely stylized, so I remade the FHMX icon in FHMX.

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Off meds and on meds and repeat…

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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I forgot I already made this GIF, till I found an earlier version.


My GIMP version is Not as Good, but I’m done paying for Photoshop.


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My one Tumblr follower likes to message and text me and then go silent for days while I’m waiting for a response.


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Tumblr is a toilet…


I left Tumblr three times! I’ve been meaning to do some WordPress, but I still found that too Tumblr’ey. First I switched to Flatpress, converted my Tumblr themes and everything. Then I ran into some trouble with Flatpress because it hasn’t really been updated in a long time. So I converted my Flatpress from Tumblr theme into a WordPress theme. This is like the 28th I’ve made this theme. I finally left Tumblr for good though. Time for WordPress.

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Boredom at this level equates to pain and damage!

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I voted for Nader.

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I had a dream that I was giving a speech on an intercom thing.

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This is a dream I just had last night, and a real life situation I’ve had way too many times.

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Loving you is what I do best.


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So I just did this and the weed flower I was pissing on shook with such personality.

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I did this joke a few months late, because I have been inpatient again.

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My dad watches Bones. I’m aware of every episode because I have to sit there and watch him watch TV.

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Haldol makes my mind so dull, I don’t even have the minuscule amount of creativity to make a Damn Chipmunks comic, which if you’ve read these you know isn’t much.

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President Hillary Clinton already won.

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In the hospital there was a meth head who carried around a teddy bear and called it monkey pickles when she ate bananas and I couldn’t get it out of my head.


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I saw an image on Amazon that made me think of this.


I think this is funny. I don’t know why. Comment if you agree.


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Geewizz confesses that he lost his faith…
He also goes on Maury and proves he’s not his own father…


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Patriot Pony crisps celery in the fridge and is amazed!?

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