Posted by (jakeis) at July 7, 2017

This Comic Got Me Evicted

I’m going for a run in the rain. The weather is perfect. Last cool day of the summer, pry…



I work out to this ^ awesome raver music….

I just got banned on RPGMakerwebForums. They started by deleting one of my posts for no blatant reason, which got my angry reaction, which led to more posts getting deleted, which led to my ban. I’ve done like 400 freelance javascript tutorials and script/art requests and even an app for them, for free. How can they do this to me?


Eviction update: GOOD NEWS! (July 28, 2017)

My landlord doesn’t want to do the math, about my fraction rent, (even though I can afford military tech, apparently, or whatever the grounds for my eviction is, about posting my one picture of army girl, to her Facebook timeline?) so now I have the whole month to move out instead of 8 days! WOOT!

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