Posted by (jakeis) at January 22, 2016

Blow up the Board Who Cried Wolf

The Board who cried wolf is the Board of Mental Health and it’s like the fable. There is nothing dangerous about me. In the past 6 years I’ve only been admitted for not taking meds as ordered or something stupid like playing with my phone, sending my community support worker text messages. I wanna blow them up (in a comic).

Je Suis Jacob the Cartoonist

Mark Albin, the public pretender, for the (nothing illegal) court room of Region IV mental drunk tank’s behavior hearings, is actually the second prosecutor because his only defense is “Yes! to meds”. He even refused to represent me once, because I was politely noncompliant with the meds; the noncompliant word that means one’s own natural brain chemistry is a controlled substance based on 5 minute per month verbal-only diagnosis. It’s messed up.

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