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Don’t Fear the Bee #2

EDIT: 4/13/2018 – I’m just doing some curating on the manga bloggo.

My posts were weird when I was off med.

This \/ … was the title of this post.
“HauVu, my Roommate From LRC (Rick & Morty Parallel) I hate Mondays.”

…I’m not sure what it has to do with Rick & Morty.

I’m going to archive these two art blogs in future, and leave in some of my weird posts to always keep me reminded to stay on meds.

My off meds artwork, is trash. My blogs are littered with it. One of my manic symptoms is that I love making trash. I’m trolling myself, off meds.

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THE BEES AND THE BEES (April 1st, 2017)

I saw a bee and thought of another dad speech for my ComiPo Manga Maker blag.

I added cigarettes to show that I’d be a terrible father.

She’s a rock, btw.

Posted by (jakeis) at July 28, 2017 artist JackBliss Official Promo Video

This song is available on Amazon and it’s worth every penny!

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore….

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Landlord stuff… I can’t handle this right now… I have no place left to go… July 25th, 2017…

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My job is MDS Pharma Services, but my college degree is in graphics HELP ME!

My philosopher work in Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey.

I’m proud of this > string of philosophy memes I just blogged. It’s my “Stop Breeding” philosophy in a nutshell. Yahoo saw my Olsen twins Full House meme and injected this J-Full House ad. I think that’s cool for some reason.  I don’t know why.

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Goals on the ToDo Board – April 12th to July 25, my RPG project is still blunt-dull-sitting on my meds…

I hope to finish it by the time my nephews turn 10…

I’ve got nothing else to work on right now, but this game. I’m making a game. I will keep busy.

This ComiPo RMMV stuff should Pingback to my FHMX RMMV project, cool!

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This Comic Got Me Evicted

I’m going for a run in the rain. The weather is perfect. Last cool day of the summer, pry…



I work out to this ^ awesome raver music….

I just got banned on RPGMakerwebForums. They started by deleting one of my posts for no blatant reason, which got my angry reaction, which led to more posts getting deleted, which led to my ban. I’ve done like 400 freelance javascript tutorials and script/art requests and even an app for them, for free. How can they do this to me?


Eviction update: GOOD NEWS! (July 28, 2017)

My landlord doesn’t want to do the math, about my fraction rent, (even though I can afford military tech, apparently, or whatever the grounds for my eviction is, about posting my one picture of army girl, to her Facebook timeline?) so now I have the whole month to move out instead of 8 days! WOOT!

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b9mx [college grade] now with aids

Youtube’s Jontron is awesome. He could replace Adam Sessler on the G4 techie channel.

An illustration of another artist’s illustration is a flunk. My life… is going down and I don’t know why…. Happy 150 years, Canada Day…

My creativity is like this on meds. I’m just like: this one ^ pretty is pretty… I think? (diminished thought + depression) Antipsychotics… nuff said?

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help me asdfdsaf

Me ^ lighting up Twitter as if people will care.

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5th Harmony Gucci Mane

I saw a thing somewhere a while ago… Couldn’t stop thinking about it… IDK…

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Happy Father’s Day Card

Some people don’t know where we came from nor the meaning of life.

But for some God damn reason you created me!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Big Fat Business Guy #3?

My new walking path is a tortuously straight path, because it’s an old railroad tracks across the entire northern state. When I walked in the cities, I’ve been taking path turns and hydrating at convenience stores for granted. Now, I have to pack a water out here.

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Liberty and Justice USA

Happy Pride Month

Pride your images with my PHP thing.

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ComiPo On Shark Tank

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The Will To Live

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If We Were In The Service

I was trying to explain extreme fight or flight by using a little girl to show the overwhelming fear. I think I just got an idea for an epic manga where the protagonist turns into a child Hulk when frightened… Um…

My non-locked-up schizophrenic older brother used to fire his childhood hunting rifle over our heads when he was pissed. Mom and dad, did nothing to him. They had me locked up, for being “dangerous“, only because I was still living at home in my 20’s.

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Can’t Stop Looking at my Own Blog

I’m not a narcissist. Narcissists believe that everybody likes them. I’m just in love with myself and friendship is rare for me.

I like to represent myself with girls too.

I can sit at this computer forever, staring at my blog and occasionally proofreading and editing comics.

It sounds like this ^ song from MLP. (it’s not my Youtube channel)

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weigh day

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What is the meaning of life?

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Two blogs, but one is actually worth a cow pie.

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Happy Mental Illness Awareness Month

Why didn’t anybody tell me it’s my own special month? The month is almost over.

I didn’t write this comic. I saw it on Tumblr. I only corrected the English.

I also didn’t make the artwork. ComiPo did.

200% unoriginal, this blog

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I used the ComiPo tadpoles for the sperms and a grown male swimsuit model for the baby. All the ComiPo props spoke to me and said: Make a baby… comic.

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Picture Blogging on Twitter

This could become a thing. I just compressed a novel into a 6 panel comic.


I’m the kind of lowlife that would write his biography through a ghost writer because I suck at all things good.


All this ^ speech is not read. So make pictures; it’s more pretty.


ComiPo made the pictures.


I’m just tired of thinking, and living, when I can’t philosophically find any reason in such things. I want to be a rock.

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Don’t drink Hauvu’s Rock Star

This ^ is Hauvu, my rock baby. I carried her home from Earl May’s on my back, about 70lbs. I named her after my roommate in LRC, Hauvu, who didn’t speak English, so we didn’t have to talk. She’s a cool daughter.

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My fear of exercising because I’m 6″5″ 270″, I’m afraid I’ll look dangerous.

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IWTD L2draw

December 2015 is when my graphics caree-HOBBY momentum shifted from the $300 Macromedia Freehand MX to the $59 ComiPo Manga Maker.

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Happy Mother’s Day! Wherever you are, mom…

Mom, even though I haven’t seen you lately, I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!


The snowy lake pictures are from December, but we actually did get some snow this month of May because this is Nebraska, and the weather has bipolar disorder…


It might not seem cool to use my own mother for emotional effect (in fact if my brother read my blog, he’d kick my ass), but my mother is the one who got me making comics. I had a series of comics starring a cat named Silly Kitty and he went on adventures with the Pillsbury Doughboy, because I had these plush toys, and my mother, God rest her soul, was the only one in the world who ever read my comics.


I kind of stole the death dialogue from Undertale (powerful game), but I didn’t remember the whole scene so it’s paraphrased. When I made that part, I heard a voice in my head say:


I am not a ghost!


And it inspired a more happy panel to remind me that my mom is in a good place, even though I’m not a medium or whatever.

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The Internet!

So the internet was out this morning. It really puts things into perspective. Maybe don’t look at those freaky horses anymore ComiPo honey. This might have angered the IP gods!

The internet is back on and I’ve learned nothing! :SmugSmileyEmoji:

That horse. That girl.

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Are you in the right mind?

Sometimes bland funnies punchlines happen in real life.

If you’ve read my comics (FHMX or ComiPo) you know I don’t have any ideas 99.9% of the time. So sometimes you have to write from real life. So my neighbor just greeted me and smiled and said “Are you in the right mind?” So I guess there’s a thing to put in a comic.

When my comics are good or even make sense, that’s when I’m manic and creative. When my comics are bonkers and weird, that’s when I’m neuroleptically lethargic and depressed from my meds. So it’s like the quality is always the opposite of my mental health state.

Good comics = Mania/creativity
Weird Comics = Lethargy/depression

Remember that.

And no, I’m never in the right mind.

I’m favoring ComiPo over FHMX lately, because it’s my most popular WordPress blog.

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ComiPo Sama Found my H-Manga Maker Tumblr

Don’t look at my h-manga blog. It’s very stupid. The shame is already unbearable.


I’ve been meaning to do some h-manga with ComiPo H-Manga Maker for about a while. I’ve got to do it on Tumblr, because WordPress has a terms of common decency.


This is how I would expect ComiPo Sama and Kaname to react to this perverted atrocity. Seriously, don’t look at it.

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Psychiatric Out-Patient Commitment – World of Involuntary Meds

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Make Me One With Everything

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Kaname Nietzsche?

I never consented to exist.

My only purpose in life was to be a magical talking pet for my parents.

This is the Matrix. You have to see it for yourself.

To say you are not at fault for your child’s existence is to call yourself a virgin and accuse your child of spontaneous generation.

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Oh no. The pig in ComiPo.


Simba is really the only character in this comic with a plot and he’s the plot-hole pig.

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It’s faster than you think.