Calvin Pees On – Image

So here is a thing. This meme is from the 1990’s.
Copy this image URL and change the png filename to “anything” and it will put “anything” into Calvin’s pee.

// will become =>

or in black and white

// will become =>

or in invert.

// will become =>

some blogging

Interesting story, my brother and his wife named their first kid after this cartoon character in 2012. This php image app was originally called calpee.png and it took a GET query, because I didn't know htaccess yet. I made this March 25th, 2009. I have an account name Calpee on certain sites because this filename was in my head and I suck at thinking up names. Now that I have a nephew of the same name, it makes it weird to use those accounts. Now that I'm an uncle I'll probably go balding and not the attractive kind of balding like Sean Connery.

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