HP 15 Notebook – Now in-correct Windows

I got an HP laptop last summer. When I was in a private mental hospital involuntarily last summer, they let us have our computers for like an hour a day if they were portable. We even got to have WiFi at a Bellevue public library two days a week. So on a wellness Wal-Mart outing, I used my credit card and I bought a $200 HP-15 Notebook with Windows 10.

That private mental hospital Telecare, though not technically a hospital, best mental hospital I’ve ever been in, ‘cept it was a stinking nut house. It was coed, dual, and smoking.

  • I’m not dual, but they think they can treat illness like an addiction so I was in there anyway.
  • So why do I have a problem with it being coed? Them female cray! I’ve heard stories from eavesdropping the staff banter when I was in Lincoln Regional State that the women’s building is a lot more violent than the men’s building, and boy did I see some violence in the men’s building. Man, did those crazy females ruin my day at Telecare, every single day!
  • And my problem with smoking is that all the patients would panhandle for smokes, even though I didn’t smoke, and then they would violently fight over the smokes. It sucked.

Here is a picture taken from the Notebook camera at the facility library.
I posted a picture of me at the facility to my Tumblr, and they busted me for their NO-Cameras policy and wouldn’t let me have the laptop back until I deleted the picture. Catch-22? She must of been snooping hard to find the picture, because it was in American flag style from my this thing for the 4th of July. I’d show the picture now that I’m free; in fact I think they said I could, but I’m afraid I’ll get sued or something.

Getting back to the computer, I was getting the feeling that it didn’t have the specs for Windows 10, which is typical of a $200 computer (might even need Xbuntu instead). Things weren’t working right. My trackpad preferences never saved for one thing, and it was Windows 10 Home and I wanted to do Pro stuff anyway (not sure what).

I’ve got a retail Windows 8.1 Pro DVD that I bought from the Microsoft Store to run Freehand Mx in VMware Fusion on my iMac. All of 2015, they kept notifying me in the virtualized Windows that I can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, which VMware wouldn’t even let me do. So I format this Windows 10 Home HP notebook and install Windows 8.1 Pro, first time I used my disc on an actual PC. Turns out the free 10 was just a temporary promotion and I formatted all, so if I want 10 back now, I’ve got to buy another Windows DVD (or perhaps they only do digital anymore?) that costs more than this little computer costs in the first place.

Meanwhile me on my iMac, I’ve only spent $15 on new operating systems since 2010 and they’ve all been free since Mavericks. This is factual; I’m not even saying I’m a pirate or anything.

Long story short, this HP 15 Notebook only has drivers for Windows 10, so a lot of the machine won’t even do anything. I’m not even sure how I got the internet to work, but it happened so anyway. The Windows Update was also stagnantly loading for days. I had to use the Method 4 fix from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFfc22x3I_s to get Windows 8.1 to update.

It installed 251 updates in Windows 8.1 (just now finished), meanwhile on my iMac, looking at the update history in the App Store, OS X Sierra has only been updated like five times.

What was I even talking about again? I’ve got a cheap PC that doesn’t work right with 8.1 or 10; said PC I’m probably going to go Ubuntu on. The Madison County Mental Health board put me in a private mental hospital at Region 4’s expense, because I wasn’t doing anything wrong to send me to state again like they wanted to (other than refusing horrible meds). That and I have a ComiPo Manga Maker blog, and I’m considering starting a secret ComiPo Hentai blog on Tumblr (sans WordPress PG policy), because… I’ve got the time.

Warning: My text posts are mostly about me.

People, who instantly hurl their life story and all their business at you, are annoying. My blog is guilty of this.

But hopefully you’ll only look at all the pictures and skip my nonsense.

And maybe I will get better at picture blogging with as little words as possible.

5 minutes of me looking at myself ^ in the camera.

That’s all blogging is to me.

Animated Mental Patient Art

I was just in the Catholic mental hospital again over this Thanksgiving for not following my outpatient order. (not taking my involuntary shot) So I did this fractal coloring in arts and crafts group and when I got out I animated it.

I have schizoaffective and a force med outpatient order even though there is no possible real way to pharmaceutically treat thought and behavior in science.

5 nephews – Congrats Bros

(I Photoshop’d my shoulder onto my head)

About every year since Aug 2012, my two brothers had babies until I now have five nephews.

Memorable names and biblical names too: The first one is named after a Sunday funnies cartoon kid; the second one named after a jeans brand; the third kid after a Dickens novel; the forth baby is the first man in the bible; and the fifth baby (I don’t know why because my older brother hates me) has my name for a middle name.

Pride Flag Generators

I stole this idea from Facebook. I on the other hand also made one for the Fourth of July that’s coming up, too.

Patriot Image Generator

Contemplating the 50 Stars

(grade 5)

  • Sliced Vertically – Five Rows of 9
  • Sliced Horizontally – Four Rows of 11
  • add extra 5 and 6 = 50
    (a modulus of 9 and a modulus of 11: to 50)
  •  9/11

Me thinking ^ while positioning the fifty stars with PHP.

source: http://jakeis.com/usa_this_image/?source

Pride Image Generator

source: http://jakeis.com/pride_this_image/?source

I’ve also seen like the trans colors, pansexual, asexual, antigenital, etc., but I don’t think those are needed. The LGBT flag (am  I calling it that right?) covers 4 kinds of pride in the abbreviation and I think just plain calling it the pride flag makes it a blanket term that covers all of those other flags. I mean for example, just with my own sexuality, I’d have to cross a bi flag with an asexual flag and throw in elements of pansexual and aromantic and sprinkle on some internet porn addict stickers (cybersexual, I invented it) and that’s just getting kind of convoluted. You can have pride in whatever it is you do.

Given that topic, I made this thing in ComiPo Manga Maker.

Jacob Jilg‘s Pride Flag

So this is my personal sexual identity flag ^ . 20 more years of working for peanuts, and virginity, and isolation, and philosophical pain of awareness, and it will 100% completely be a white surrender flag.

The gay states are my childhood with two alpha male brothers. The purple to gray black stripes are asexuality. The V is voluntary virginity, similar to V.H.E.M.T. but I don’t care about the environment. I just don’t like life. The stars are all porn stars, big or small (famous and unknown). The question marks are the ultimate question: WHY?

Jake Jilg and his iMac [LOVE!]

If you don’t react this way to a brand new computer, you don’t love her.
A love that transcends all:
Jake Jilg and his iMac.

We’re dating. This is real! We’ve been a couple for a long time…

  • As I grew from a boy, into a man, into a user.
  • She grew from the school Apple 2e, into a PPC G4, into an Intel Core i7.

And we will always be together.

P.S. We came up with this story, before that Her movie.

P.P.S. After the camera cut out, I hooked her up, keyboard and mouse and customized the OS and stuff. What do you think we did?