RPG Maker MV – Font, Spellcheck, and Format Message Preview (HTML)

RPG Maker MV is great. You can change your fonts and everything. But the preview in MV only shows the default font and there is still no built-in spellcheck. I designed in HTML a little editable box to preview fonts and spellcheck and stuff, using browser spellcheck.

Mv Message Spelling and Format Tester << this link

And this is my forum post by me as Mogwai about it to explain more…

It’s not my most popular thing there, but I use it all the time in my game making.

Pride Flag Generators

I stole this idea from Facebook. I on the other hand also made one for the Fourth of July that’s coming up, too.

Patriot Image Generator

Contemplating the 50 Stars

(grade 5)

  • Sliced Vertically – Five Rows of 9
  • Sliced Horizontally – Four Rows of 11
  • add extra 5 and 6 = 50
    (a modulus of 9 and a modulus of 11: to 50)
  •  9/11

Me thinking ^ while positioning the fifty stars with PHP.

source: http://jakeis.com/usa_this_image/?source

Pride Image Generator

source: http://jakeis.com/pride_this_image/?source

I’ve also seen like the trans colors, pansexual, asexual, antigenital, etc., but I don’t think those are needed. The LGBT flag (am  I calling it that right?) covers 4 kinds of pride in the abbreviation and I think just plain calling it the pride flag makes it a blanket term that covers all of those other flags. I mean for example, just with my own sexuality, I’d have to cross a bi flag with an asexual flag and throw in elements of pansexual and aromantic and sprinkle on some internet porn addict stickers (cybersexual, I invented it) and that’s just getting kind of convoluted. You can have pride in whatever it is you do.

Given that topic, I made this thing in ComiPo Manga Maker.

Jacob Jilg‘s Pride Flag

So this is my personal sexual identity flag ^ . 20 more years of working for peanuts, and virginity, and isolation, and philosophical pain of awareness, and it will 100% completely be a white surrender flag.

The gay states are my childhood with two alpha male brothers. The purple to gray black stripes are asexuality. The V is voluntary virginity, similar to V.H.E.M.T. but I don’t care about the environment. I just don’t like life. The stars are all porn stars, big or small (famous and unknown). The question marks are the ultimate question: WHY?

Young Ziggy Z – Pop For CD – true story


I was blinging two cans of Monster Zero energy drinks from the Casey’s up the street, strutting all around the adult daycare (Rainbow Center) to show my wealth to all the other goofy goobers, but also because I love caffeine. I got to self medicate for the forced medicate.

This ^ Ziggy Z guy was also attending the Rainbow adult daycare and that wigger panhandled me for one of my pops. He told me I’d get a CD in trade. I went back a week later and got the CD of his raps. It sounds like shit too, wow!

But that guy’s rap career is like my art/web design career (sans drugs?). You’ve got one life to live and it’s short, and the Mental Health Board has taken mine. The lyrics are some deep shit. He might sound good in a studio. I might make a blog worth a shit, with… probably never.

I’ve been backdating 7+ years of this ^ blog pre 2016, because now I’m in WordPress… This article is one of many that just went up today… My own family wouldn’t buy a copy of this blogged biography if it were on paper.

My actual own rap below.


Similar Image Search (php)

This is more or less a tutorial of how to compare images as strings and find the most similar image using php similar_text();

Here is my whole tiny source with the explanation in the comments.
function image_square($url){
//get a string of any image
$ch curl_init();
$image_soure curl_exec($ch);
//basic booleans to tell image type
if(preg_match("/png/i"$image_soure$m)) {
$image imagecreatefrompng($url);
$image imagecreatefromgif($url);
$image imagecreatefromjpeg($url);
//create 16*16 image and mash together
$width imagesx($image);
$height imagesy($image);
$image_p imagecreatetruecolor(1616);
//save output to return, then delete output
$m md5(rand(-999,999));
$output file_get_contents("temp$m.png");
$a image_square('http://localhost:8888/image1.jpg');
$b image_square('http://localhost:8888/image2.jpg');
$c image_square('http://localhost:8888/image3.jpg');
//compare the PNG binary strings
$sim1 similar_text($a$b);
$sim2 similar_text($a$c);
"a similarity to b: ".$sim1."\n<br>".
"a similarity to c: ".$sim2);
// returns
// a similarity to b: 60
// a similarity to c: 78

$$ Legal To Graphics! YAY! $$

I saved up some SSD because I just did some *cough* months in Faith Regional BHU and PPU (1 shared shower), so I didn’t have to buy groceries… It’s illegal for me to save my SSD, because of Social Security Bum’s Law (must be in poverty; disabled people deserve to be bums until you understand philosophically the reason we work and the meaning of life that!), so I bought some legit graphic design software straight from Adobe.com _ I’ve been meaning to do this ever since 3 years of college pimped me out to Adobe and now I have a crutch to only use Adobe, and nothing a penny cheaper…

No more designing graphics on torrents Photoshop! Torrents gun down planes (turrets?) I mean torrents sink ships (dictionary…). It’s a metaphor about all the viruses, me thinks. Don’t judge! For the longest time, group homes made me live on $50 a month. I however, am neither promoting nor admitting to piracy. These two pieces of plastic could have bought me a used car.

Coherency warning ^. I’m on a heavy antipsychotic shot. Invega Trinza…

The meaning of life that… (continued) My mom flashing her cesarean scar at me and screaming: “YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID TO ME!?” and “YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE!” (true story)

Check Your Privilege

This is a scorekeeper for that dumb Check Your Privilege meme.

Jake Jilg and his iMac [LOVE!]

If you don’t react this way to a brand new computer, you don’t love her.
A love that transcends all:
Jake Jilg and his iMac.

We’re dating. This is real! We’ve been a couple for a long time…

  • As I grew from a boy, into a man, into a user.
  • She grew from the school Apple 2e, into a PPC G4, into an Intel Core i7.

And we will always be together.

P.S. We came up with this story, before that Her movie.

P.P.S. After the camera cut out, I hooked her up, keyboard and mouse and customized the OS and stuff. What do you think we did?

Calvin Pees On – Image

So here is a thing. This meme is from the 1990’s.
Copy this image URL and change the png filename to “anything” and it will put “anything” into Calvin’s pee.

Edit the filename in the input area.

// will become =>

or in black and white

// will become =>

or in invert.

// will become =>


This is my oldest game still existing. I made it in Klik&Play in 2001. Many computer crashes ago, and corrupted floppies, lightning surge fried HDs, since before we got a cd burner, all killed 90% of my completed games and my game making passion. Or else my passion died when I started underage drinking. I don’t own the Nintendo midis. I was 16 and this was in 2001 times.

This is the only one that survived worth keeping and I found it on the Wayback Engine of my old Xoom website.

Download .zip Windows – This has been on the Wayback engine since 2001 and I don’t know how they acquired it. I didn’t scan it for viruses; I’m on a Mac. I recommend just watching the video. It’s short.

The music was blantantly taken from good old gen-1 hosted NES midi personal homepages from back in the day.

Google helped me discover it’s actually from Solstice. I wasn’t familiar with this game.