My Awesome Bachelor Pad – Post #2

Got these custom print fleeces from Photobucket for $75 (total).

These are just random images I found on Google, and Photobucket sure enough printed… so I’m guessing it’s cool. In retrospect, these images probably have protected printing rights. I didn’t want to waste the coupon.

My own art is too grotesque to decorate my apartment with.

I’ll post art credits on this blog. It’s kind of an afterthought.

  • Princess Peach on the beach – Sigurd Hosenfeld from deviant art
  • Chef Kirby – property of Nintendo ( ^ irony?)
  • Planet of the Apes 1968 – Charlton Heston
  • Marilyn Monroe on G4 PPC – Andy Warhol
  • Anime iMac Girl – Satoshi Igarashi

This link here is what my bachelor pad art looked like in 2013. “My awesome bachelor pad – Post #1”

Princess Peach is my wife. We’ve been together since the NES 1980’s.

Animated Mental Patient Art

I was just in the Catholic mental hospital again over this Thanksgiving for not following my outpatient order. (not taking my involuntary shot) So I did this fractal coloring in arts and crafts group and when I got out I animated it.

I have schizoaffective and a force med outpatient order even though there is no possible real way to pharmaceutically treat thought and behavior in science.

Coffee Blogging – Every Good Blog Needs This

For its 91,046,479th appearance on blog on the web…

Coffee is a good thing. Don’t make bad coffee.

Here is a list of the basic advice that most avid coffee drinkers will tell you if you are just getting into coffee or you are bad at coffee.

  • Make sure to clean your coffee maker once a month by running a pot of 1 part water and 1 part distilled white vinegar through an empty filter, pause brewing about halfway for 20 minutes, followed by a pot of plain water through an empty filter. This keeps it from getting moldy.
  • City water makes for bad coffee too. A gallon of drinking water is usually about a dollar at a good grocery store. Make coffee with that.
  • Don’t leave it on the burner too long. It can overcook the coffee and make it taste bad that way too.
  • If you still make bad coffee after this short checklist, buy better grounds or just get the beans and grind your own. (I don’t grind my own, but I’ve read nice things.)

My Awesome Bachelor Pad

In other news: PG-rated Barely19 girls from 2000-2005 JPEG internet TGP, now inkjet post-razor hang on my wall. I’m out of ink and I’m out of shame. I’m 29. It’s the last year of my 20’s. I can’t hold anything back now. My lawyer said the apartment looked “institutional” with nothing hanging on the walls. I’ve been dying to use my printer anyway.
Posted this on Facebook and my brother-in-law comment-attacked my decor and I felt attacked from the comment. Said it looked college among a bunch of other TLC interior-decorator lingo. I called him a “fag” and immediately deleted my post; hope he didn’t see it! He’s an open homosexual. I’m a closet homosexual myself, among other things.

So this is how I get all the hard water stains and piss muck off the white walls of the toilet bowl. I plug the toilet and let it soak in some bleach or some C.L.R. (but not both at the same time!)

Is there a better way? Please comment.

$$ Legal To Graphics! YAY! $$

I saved up some SSD because I just did some *cough* months in Faith Regional BHU and PPU (1 shared shower), so I didn’t have to buy groceries… It’s illegal for me to save my SSD, because of Social Security Bum’s Law (must be in poverty; disabled people deserve to be bums until you understand philosophically the reason we work and the meaning of life that!), so I bought some legit graphic design software straight from _ I’ve been meaning to do this ever since 3 years of college pimped me out to Adobe and now I have a crutch to only use Adobe, and nothing a penny cheaper…

No more designing graphics on torrents Photoshop! Torrents gun down planes (turrets?) I mean torrents sink ships (dictionary…). It’s a metaphor about all the viruses, me thinks. Don’t judge! For the longest time, group homes made me live on $50 a month. I however, am neither promoting nor admitting to piracy. These two pieces of plastic could have bought me a used car.

Coherency warning ^. I’m on a heavy antipsychotic shot. Invega Trinza…

The meaning of life that… (continued) My mom flashing her cesarean scar at me and screaming: “YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID TO ME!?” and “YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE!” (true story)