Dear Blog, SNOW??? – May 20th 2017

The famous bipolar weather of Nebraska. Snow for May 20th, 2017.
That’s the news! (something to blog about)

I’ve been sleeping like a hibernating bear this week. It’s been cold, which incidentally also makes my apartment 79-85°F because of my neighbors’ generous heating.

My sleep schedule has been out of whack since I started the Abilify shot. It antagonizes/blocks dopamine, and dopamine is what keeps you paralyzed when you sleep. So I’ll be awake for 20-30 hours and sleep 14-18 hours, or else I’ll only be awake 2-6 hours and sleep 2-6 hours all day/night. My circadian rhythm is like a rollercoaster. Also lack of dopamine creates crazy dreams and sleep-walking.

So snow in late May/Spring: that’s kind of cool, literally; I don’t know what else to write about it.

In other news, I finally created a child WordPress theme of Twentysixteen. This is because every time there was a theme update, I had to re-apply all of my HTML/CSS changes. I finally created a theme that won’t reset itself.

Rock Your Biological Clock!

In my late-20s-early-30s, when all my old friends and so-called family were posting pictures of their babies on Facebook like they were family pets, and everyone caught each-other’s breeder fever from this media phenomena, I went out and got a clay doll at Earl May’s, and carried her home on my back… (April 2016)

My first baby weighed 60 lbs at birth. Suck it!

Seriously though, I have 5 nephews and like 14 second cousins or something now, all in the past 3 years. Dress up a cat or something.

Your magical pet baby has to live and watch you die and wander the Earth for a 21st century lifespan and this really sucks for your magical pet when he’s not a philosophical zombie like you. (you non-sentient)

The journal diaries of reclusive blogging hermit continued…

Entry #242 – Ghost Cat

Every once in a while all the neighborhood dogs all start barking. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around; they love to bark at passing strangers and when the weather alert alarm tests sound they all start howling. I live in a small town; I can hear every little sound through the walls. I can hear my neighbor’s refrigerator. Lately at times, they just didn’t stop barking so I got curious and peak out the window. Is somebody out there? So I see this cat just standing there staring at the dogs.

Oh. It’s just a cat.

Still peaking out the window, I see that the cat that seemed stationary has now gone; I can no longer see it. The dogs keep barking, so my Spidey sense is tingling; where did that cat go? The dogs still see it, but I can’t, but sure enough it seemed to appear out of thin air in another location. I didn’t see it and there it was. It’s moving around, but I never see it walking. It just sits there staring at those barking dogs.

At this point, I’m as interested in this mysterious cat as those dogs are. I decided to take a picture of it. I got this blurry photo of the cat, but only about 16 barking incidents later. Every time I went to look through the camera, the cat was gone. This sounds stupid, but the cat is around those dogs for 10 minutes at a time and whenever I go to take a photo of it, it’s vanished. This Sasquatch-esque photo is all I can turn up for this blog article sadly.

Some Photography of My ‘Lil Rock Baby

I got this used eBay Kodak camera and half of the time the zoom breaks and there is a black ring around the photos in the corner and the picture looks fish-eyed. Today I was lucky enough to get it to work. The quality is not very good either, but I’m no photographer. I probably should have shut the ceiling fan off because it creates an epilepsy inducing strobe light effect with shadows and the camera’s light sensors probably didn’t read well. I’ll try again some other time.

This one ^ is my favorite.

Got my shot today and I try to write a blog.

This blog reads like it’s written by a person who doesn’t read. Could become a book? That makes sense to me because when I walk into a library I only see a giant catalogue of paper I’m too lazy to look at.

Mania is for writing. The meds don’t want me to write.

BTW, if Tuesday was Pi Day, today is The Stunner day.

You’re Awesome Like This Pizza!

The hierarchy of pizza goes

  1. Brick Oven
  2. Pizza Oven (Hut)
  3. Homemade
  4. Microwave
  5. Oven (store)
  6. ________________
  7. all other foods below this…

I rank microwave over oven because it is better. Microwave includes Pizza Pockets and Pizza Rolls, Pizza Bagels, etc.

Oven? It’s not delivery, it’s because it’s only five bucks and tastes like burnt cheese on a stale baguette.

The only exception to this oven low rank rule if the oven pizza is really frozen Brick Oven like Marifano.

Homemade oven also ranks above oven like how you use two lbs of hamburger and a 8 cup bag of cheese like this…

Celebrating 9k Views on my Youtube Video, and 6k Installs on my User Script


I made this video in 2009 and just titled it the song I got from Youtube audio swap. 9k views since then!

(LOL, the views are for fans of the song which is not mine! nobody has liked videos ever since the early 1990’s)


And I made a user script in 2013 which has 6k installs on Greasyfork. I think it might have had 3k installs on the former, so I’m having a 9k day.

I just made a Youtube video today that shows how to use it. 4 views in one hour so far.

This isn’t very much compared to the pros, but this is the best thing in my life right now.

First Time Starbucks 2x Shot Energy [Mexican Mocha] Review

Because every blog needs to blog about coffee! (Coffee blogging #2)

I shouldn’t drink this Double Shot Energy stuff because it’s got enough sugar to kill a horse, and I’m fat as a horse too, but I really love the basic double shot mocha and double shot vanilla. This time I grabbed the wrong one, not knowing the difference. I got Mexican mocha instead of regular mocha. This tastes like horchata. It’s got a real bold cinnamon gum burn aftertaste. I’m not a fan. It’s still better than my homemade coffee though. My town doesn’t have a Starbucks. See here for my first coffee blogging.

Laying on the floor thoughts – #1

Good morning (1pm morning). I’m depressed for about 3-6 hours heavily upon waking up. I have a few computer projects and even better yet hygiene and apartment housekeeping projects that I could be working on, but I can’t muster the motivation to work on them. Motivation is a fickle mistress. I’m teary-eyed sad, but I’m too numb to just burst into a big relieving cry; most of it just comes out my nose. All I can do rather is moan repeatedly.

I’m supposed to be taking 450mg of Wellbutrin XL (my third dose increase), but I quit taking it because all it does at this level is make me nauseous, dizzy, and bloated. I don’t think it helps with my depression either. No antidepressant can fight the neuroleptic emotional blight of involuntary antipsychotics.

So I realized that my economy GoDaddy hosting installed a free premium WordPress theme when I used their cPanel WP Installer. I couldn’t figure out how to mod it so I downgraded to the default Twentysixteen theme. I own a premium theme and I don’t even use it. Lavish!

The Twentyseventeen theme is a big flop. Who wants to look at an window-sized intro graphic and scroll it off each time? Twentyfifteen is all sidebar and if you use background images, it just clashes with everything. Twentysixteen is just about the optica of WordPress.

First time Hy-Vee spring water buyer review…

I’ve been buying drinking water for a while now because Columbus, Ne water comes from a river and it’s hard enough for my dentist to notice hard water stains on my teeth.

So Hy-Vee was out of drinking water so I got spring water. I used to live near a spring that came out of the Ogallala aquifer and there was a bottled water distributor in town who sold it and that water was pretty good. I grew up with my family’s own aquifer ground water well. That water is prime.

The Hv-Vee spring water tastes like Des Moines tap water. At least this jug does; maybe it’s a bottling mistake. I’m a connoi-sewer about bad city water.