Calvin Pees On – Image

So here is a thing. This meme is from the 1990’s.
Copy this image URL and change the png filename to “anything” and it will put “anything” into Calvin’s pee.

Edit the filename in the input area.

// will become =>

or in black and white

// will become =>

or in invert.

// will become =>

May 29th, 2004

Jacob Dean Jilg, Associate’s in Graphics! Bachelor’s in art!

I got my associate’s in web design, illustration, and computers arts in 2004.

The logo of the Creative Center changes its look about every 10 years, but it’s still always the all seeing eye to me.

I had 3 nicknames there from select cliques: Jake Giggles, Sammy Hagar, and Sweet Jesus. I don’t know why.

literally, my entire portfolio below…

Update: February 29, 2014

I got my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts
(Lincoln Regional Center)

All I ever did there was make art, and I also took GED math, algebra, etc. class there, but I wasn’t allowed to get a GED from the test, because I already have a high school diploma.

I was NOT in the notorious state sex offenders treatment building #14 (as it was in 2014).
For the record: I was in building #10 for schizoaffective treatment. I’m still a virgin (thanks to social incompetence).

I have never been in prison nor jail, and I’ve never been arrested in my life. Mental hospitals seem like punishment with the strapped beds and the handcuffs (kinky), but in all actuality, it’s about treating an illness; it’s not punishment for a crime.

This below is my entire portfolio.


This is my oldest game still existing. I made it in Klik&Play in 2001. Many computer crashes ago, and corrupted floppies, lightning surge fried HDs, since before we got a cd burner, all killed 90% of my completed games and my game making passion. Or else my passion died when I started underage drinking. I don’t own the Nintendo midis. I was 16 and this was in 2001 times.

This is the only one that survived worth keeping and I found it on the Wayback Engine of my old Xoom website.

Download .zip Windows – This has been on the Wayback engine since 2001 and I don’t know how they acquired it. I didn’t scan it for viruses; I’m on a Mac. I recommend just watching the video. It’s short.

The music was blantantly taken from good old gen-1 hosted NES midi personal homepages from back in the day.

Google helped me discover it’s actually from Solstice. I wasn’t familiar with this game.