b9mx.com now a domain mask

Now I will bore you with some web design talk.

I own b9mx.com with GoDaddy because my Tumblr name was Benign-Mx and I used a custom domain. The Mx was for Freehand Mx which was the theme of my art blog. Benign was just a word I thought could be B9, for a short memorable domain.

I can’t use it as an addon domain with my GoDaddy hosting because I’m on the cheap package that only allows 1 domain. But I can create the illusion of hosting it with domain masking, in my GoDaddy domain forwarding thing. It turns out that it just displays my other website in a single frame html frameset.GoDaddy thought they could trick me into upgrading my hosting by giving me a free domain that I can’t use with this hosting package because it’s 1 domain only.

So now I’m putting my webcomics on b9mx.com just like when I was on my b9mx Tumblr domains, even though it’s not really B9mx.com anymore and frames have disadvantages like no url copying or title.

It’s handier if you just use the direct links to the jakeis.com links. This is just a way for anyone who still ‘members b9mx.com so they can get a vague frame redirect to my new domain.

In other news, my old scripts host and Tumblr scripts blog domains redirect to my Greasyfork profile without masking.
http://script.b9mx.com/ and http://scripts.b9mx.com/
both will become (or may be still propagating)
If you notice the @namespace of my userscripts always points to script.b9mx.com, my old hosted script folder. Now I only have to update one set of scripts. See before I had to update the hosted version and the Greasyfork version.

Update: Just using 301 redirects instead of masking now. It seems to be more search engine friendly.

First Time Starbucks 2x Shot Energy [Mexican Mocha] Review

Because every blog needs to blog about coffee! (Coffee blogging #2)

I shouldn’t drink this Double Shot Energy stuff because it’s got enough sugar to kill a horse, and I’m fat as a horse too, but I really love the basic double shot mocha and double shot vanilla. This time I grabbed the wrong one, not knowing the difference. I got Mexican mocha instead of regular mocha. This tastes like horchata. It’s got a real bold cinnamon gum burn aftertaste. I’m not a fan. It’s still better than my homemade coffee though. My town doesn’t have a Starbucks. See here for my first coffee blogging.

I made a Push-Box / Push-Block Engine

It’s just some HTML and Javascript, but tinkering with Javascript to make something is just as rewarding to me as playing a puzzle game. I stole most of the level block setup from my flip phone, but now you can easily add more levels just by adding to an array. Something to do… I got the time…

You might be thinking: What the heck gives you the right to rip flip-phone Push Box maps? I just made this for fun to see if I could make it. Actually if you research the game on Youtube, you’ll find many different Push Box versions with identical maps dating back to the original Japanese Sokoban 1981. That’s actually how I have to solve the hard ones, watching the identical map videos.

The game link: http://jakeis.com/push_box.html

If a level is too hard, you can skip to any level by adding/changing the ?number at the end of the URL. It goes 0-14 where 15 is the win screen.

(Feb 2nd – I just added one line of CSS so the player doesn’t hide the goal spaces with his background color.)

This game uses base64-encoded images so the whole thing is portable. You can save the push_box.html and make any changes you want: add new levels or cheats or whatever. It might violate the spirit of the game to cheat and I assure you every level is passable, but some are even too hard for me.

The walls color is random. If you don’t like the certain color, you can reload and get a new color.

Blog Post 2

On my webcomics blogs, most of the images don’t make a lightbox yet because I need to import them from the server upload folder into the WordPress media library. I did some using the addon Add From Server, but it’s real tedious. I can select them all at once, but the server application times out during run, so I’ve got to do them a few at a time. This isn’t much of an issue though because they aren’t really closer-inspection/lightbox worthy arts.

Laying on the floor thoughts – #1

Good morning (1pm morning). I’m depressed for about 3-6 hours heavily upon waking up. I have a few computer projects and even better yet hygiene and apartment housekeeping projects that I could be working on, but I can’t muster the motivation to work on them. Motivation is a fickle mistress. I’m teary-eyed sad, but I’m too numb to just burst into a big relieving cry; most of it just comes out my nose. All I can do rather is moan repeatedly.

I’m supposed to be taking 450mg of Wellbutrin XL (my third dose increase), but I quit taking it because all it does at this level is make me nauseous, dizzy, and bloated. I don’t think it helps with my depression either. No antidepressant can fight the neuroleptic emotional blight of involuntary antipsychotics.

So I realized that my economy GoDaddy hosting installed a free premium WordPress theme when I used their cPanel WP Installer. I couldn’t figure out how to mod it so I downgraded to the default Twentysixteen theme. I own a premium theme and I don’t even use it. Lavish!

The Twentyseventeen theme is a big flop. Who wants to look at an window-sized intro graphic and scroll it off each time? Twentyfifteen is all sidebar and if you use background images, it just clashes with everything. Twentysixteen is just about the optica of WordPress.

Blog Post #0 – Jan 28, 2017

I’ve been meaning to get paid hosting since I deleted my Tumblr. I cancelled jakejilg.com in October because GoDaddy was flooding my email with renewal notices. I didn’t like jakejilg.com anyway because people don’t know how to say or spell Jilg sometimes; they overthink it. Somebody is squatting on jakejilg.com right now because GoDaddy says it’s unavailable. I don’t want it anyway, but knowing somebody else has my full name .com feels like having my identity stolen.

So I was playing around with domains with my name. Most of them are premium or squat-on. It came down to bigjake.co, jakeboy.com, jakefeed.com, jaketheblog.com, or jakeis.com. Jakefeed sounds like a spam blog with lots of pop-ups. I don’t think .co is very visit worthy; I can’t think of any .co sites that I visit regularly. I’m not a jakeboy; it sounds like porn or something. Jake the Blog has a nice ring to it. It was was a toss up with that, but I went with jakeis.com. Two words is easier. (Is) is short.

The deciding factor was the Wayback Machine.

jakeis.com has a history spanning 2011-2016 which means it’s being crawled regularly. Maybe it’s being crawled because it gets visitors or whatever the whole SEO chicken and egg thing. Apparently it used to belong to a band or something. It’s my blog now. I can’t find an actual cached page, only redirects to jakebrenner.com. It must not be that important. The page it used to redirect to is 404. I think it’s just one of those now-abandoned college garage bands, but I didn’t dig into the info.

I looked up jaketheblog.com on Wayback afterwards and in fact it actually was a site about a dog in 2003 or whatever.

EDIT 4/21/17 GoDaddy was squatting on my JakeJilg.com domain to keep me from re-registering at a promotional sale price, trying to force me to renew at the full price. However, time passed and nobody else bought JakeJilg.com so I got it at the sale price after all, and now that domain just redirects to here, because I can only afford hosting for one domain. This is my first WordPress post, but I’ve been backdating some things from my deleted Jake Jilg Tumblrs and old personal homepages. This blog is looking up. Doing things…

You can probably read English, but you can’t read my English, because I’ve gone so many years without talking to anybody, that I have forgotten how to talk…

Kingesque VI – Froideur of the Heir

I’ve got every RPG Maker, but I’ve never finished a game. I’m bipolar, so I’ve only managed to keep the inspirational fire burning long enough to make small bubble popping games. I start about six 0% complete epics every three weeks. My hard drive is full of the graphics and 0% complete demos of games that will never be.

This is finished. It could use a little coconut. This is a short game, about 30 minutes to win. It took me three weeks to make in RPG Maker MV. I set out to make a game like King’s Quest VI – Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. That’s why the title sounds similar. It’s a little homage to that game.

Description kind of kills it, so just play the game…
Mac Download .DMGWindows Download .ZIPPlay Online (slow)
Or don’t… It’s not a very good game.

Strict Safe Window Converter

http://jakeis.com/strict_safeWindow/ << this thing

Many Greasemonkey scripts carelessly reach outside their wrapper.
This is notoriously called unsafeWindow.
This makes for a very convenient functioning script sometimes though…

(even I am guilty of doing it in most of my Greasemonkey scripts that use a site’s native jQuery 0.o)


Some things like Tampermonkey and Scriptish don’t like this wrapper reacharound.


With a name like unsafeWindow, maybe it’s not the best practice.

this thing will convert user scripts to strict safeWindow…

(I’ve even discovered that some of my scripts work better as fully inline embedded textNodes.)


Personal joke: this is about a thing that happened to me, from me, on Halloween.

What happened? Gee, I, don’t know.

The bottom of what happened revolves around my psychotropic shot, and that’s a word that means “changes the way you think” and this is not something I would-do/would’ve-done off meds (it has to do with anhedonia as a side effect of the meds, which means diminished enjoyment and the greater measures taken from longing for enjoyment because of the deficit, etc.). My meds almost make me crazier given this incident.

Haldol Decanoate causes anhedonia…

The story is I got my big fat arm stuck in this weird crevice doing some much needed cleaning of dust and dirt down there and I almost had to chew it off like that Aron Ralston movie.