I’m 34 and Nazi “Center Pointe” natural brain chemistry rehab conformity superfluous life style training “Community Transitions” of “Lincoln Nebraska” 68503 is holding my two computers and roughly $5,000 of electronics ransom for my non-consensual participation in an adult-daycare for druggos and goobers, Mid Pointe of Lincoln Nebraska. I haven’t been participating and they stole my computers and are holding them ransom for more funding from the government in my name/signature. Happy gdamn bday!

Tim Cook from Apple using Node JS as an insult, is a stretched insult to Node (sorry Node), but all I’ll saying is that Mid-Pointe and Center-Pointe are written by 12 year old script kitties like me who can only write apps compiled in builds of Node-ed-Chromium in Javascript and HTML & CSS web design speaking. LOL! And they would do something as dumb as use require, which is inside of Node, oxymoron script grammar that.

This ^ meme stuff is all that I can create right now. I’m on a public computer, miles away from peace, freedom, privacy, and design software…

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