Missing for 8 Months? I’m like 1/3 back now!

Discharged From LRC

From the state mental hospital, to the Psych.Res. Rehab.

Psych.Res. Rehab is big in Nebraska. I don’t know why. It’s a 1/2 restricted, residential, drug treatment house/apartment, for normal people (not drug users), and the intent is to get the normal people sober from their natural brain chemistry. That means, I’m classified as “mentally ill & dangerous” and I’ll never be allowed to live off of monthly injections again, that cause serious facial motor problems and/or all the complications of living with a  tinkered, foreign brain chemistry

I don’t know why, but I’m starting to believe them.

I’ll have much blogging for recovery, to do in future, but right now I’m just leaving this post to let people (anyone?) know I’m back. This is a public computer. I don’t feel safe logging into my email and WordPress. I saw a 40+ year old looking man, here, playing Gaiaonline, yesterday. I don’t feel safe.

Hello Brittany and Nathanial!

Thanks to ^ for getting me out of LRC! I hope that place doesn’t turn you into the treatment monsters of the older employees there.


I have much curating to do, here!

Nobody is reading this…

Mass Post Features is broken again, probably. I can’t really test/fix it on a public computer. Please bare with me for up to a year to recover my life and doing things.