Elopement Precautions (that means it’s out the window)


I owe this ^ independent artist an explanation some time, because I literally married one his works of art in 2015.


Sigard and I, both owe this guy ^ explanation, mayhaps?

My wife is Princess Peach, and we’ve been together as friends since the late 1980’s. True story.


pingback test

This in my photography category, because these are hard with a selfie stick… This art is not mine, but she is mine, in holy Nintendo-mo-ney…

I was packing stuff about the eviction, but because I’m moving in with my dad’s nightmare dump house temporarily, but I decided to do my apartment real nice so I can take pictures of this little box of an apartment before I move back into dad’s nightmare dump.

Me animation networking like…

Steven L.
Hi Jake! That’s actually really good. Maybe one day you can get it narrated. I haven’t seen the show, but your animation makes me want to see it now.
Hope you are finding an outlet now that the forums are offline.

– Steven

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This is an old Toonami cartoon Death Note (Yagami Light) and it is becoming American Netflix real action movie… from Entertainment Weekly Tumblr – http://entertainmentweekly.tumblr.com/post/158706049382/shall-we-begin-watch-the-first-trailer-for


Season 1 of Death Note in 8 minutes ^

I accidentally made your gmail a dot co instead of a dot com, and I tried to wish you a happy Canada day on the 2nd of July… July 7th… I want to die… jakeis.com “doing things”


Will Jake Jilg (me) get an Albinoblacksheep featured cartoon for the first time since 2008, this year in September? (fingers crossed!)

If not, we can always get a new (old) season of jakeis.com/germs going… It’s is my favorite self made web comics series (tooting my own horn). The universe is most definitely a toilet. If I posted germs to my landlord’s Facebook timeline, instead of army girl, maybe I’d still have an apartment.

Speaking of AlbinoBlackSheep.com and cartoons, I saw this on Google So I naturally thought of my Canadian McDonald’s working brother from TrollCatComics.com in this week’s promo video.

He’s Indian (Hindi) and he works for McDonald’s… The irony is not lost on 81 Beef County.