Hot Dang! That’s a Big Schematic!

Hey Ben (Ikuta?). Everyone at the Faith Regional BHU, funny farm, really liked the book you recommended. It gave me something to muse at for three weeks while I ate about my Region IV’s expense, $40k per day worth of free food, like the average high school kid does, every day, in a school year (I ATE DOUBLE PORTIONS! woot!). Thankyou to my brother from another mother.

  • Psychology
  • breaks down to biology
  • breaks down to chemistry
  • breaks down to physics
  • breaks down to mathematics
  • breaks down to simple math
  • breaks down to…
  • are you smarter than a fifth grader?

From Jake.

Here ^ is my remaining artwork that I kept in my 2 weeks of behavioral hospital. The missing artwork, I gave to hot young moms with my Facebook information, in hopes to make new penpals or something in future.