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This is my real life will based on my poverty. This is not a threat. This is all the funeral my life insurance can afford. If you make my struggle a threat to your own life, then you are a retard. This will is me being responsible. Thorazine still does not cure poverty you cheeky twat!

UPDATE: July 24th – I posted one of my artworks to my landlord’s facebook, because she seems to have everyone in the community as a friend and I was like: sup, I’m struggling with mental illness, but this is what I’ve been up to, making comics this past 10 years.

In conjunction with one of these web comic panels posted to my landlord’s facebook, Bassett Nebraska Peace Officer Josh Severin on the local Rock County police (I’m not making this up) just took me to the mental hospital where I was locked up for two weeks. Actual grown adults, made MY blog and MY Facebook about themselves, a threat, as if they were playing some kind of Fox network live action cop drama. I really could have done without that in my life, right now.

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