Summer “Chanuka?” Light Show – Equinox Rave

It sounds like this with some raver music turned on the iPod. I was out walking in the country, no city lights and I finally made it to those Capital-Building-always-over-the-horizon-esque-but-you-can-never-get-there grain-bins-silos and it took two hours, but it was 9pm when I got there and I realize I had no sunlight to get back. Dumb luck, eh. I was listening to my lolicore raver playlist on the way back to town. The lightning show is surprisingly silent.

I just got back at midnight and I’m eating Hormel dogfood, pre-processed lard and beans.

I did not have my camera, but there was non stop lightning in the clouds. You may know it from camping in this area. I never did. There were also blinking firebugs lighting up the road and I think I swallowed one. It was a pretty cool light show, and it got me back to town.

Beyonce ^

Loli Ripe ^ listen

the nuance is: I still want to die.

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