July is coming up and so is the hay.

Will my dad die and leave me his corporation, because I’m the only bro who hasn’t left ship for free females?

Or will he get that mysterious John Deere 1944 logo mower blade fixed in time? The grass is growing, dude!

I’m bored. Don’t mind this…

Trivia: How did my grandfather Frank Jilg lose fingers? How many? Which ones?

I only know that Silvia Diane M.D. sells Curad silver sulfadiazine, because I’ve been walking a lot (feet blisters). The name sounds the same too, (silvia diane is a mnemonic device for silver rlrlrl diazine…). That’s how I remember.

Nice chilly winds from the Dakotas. I walked about 6 miles. It feels like a treadmill because I swear the grain bins never get any closer at my speed. It’s given me some time to enjoy my free Adult Swim singles MP3s. I listen to local radio too. Swimming pool lessons for your kids in Ainsworth or something. I went to an adult daycare in O’Neil in aughty 6, with an Amos who died from that town. He beat my second-hand-smoke-whale-of-a-brother-Dan in high school wrestling. Cool. Drug the good ones to death psychiatry. Not…