The Disabled Are NOT a Burden on Society

Here is an internet addiction meeting, Mac Speech reading recording for lazy readers. I only do this for my longest blogs.

I only put myself on the stand in this blog article, because I need to defend my stupid life for my conscience sake.

I’ve been told that people who don’t work are a burden on society. Many people who are disabled still work volunteer jobs. People who make a living wage might even do far less, in terms of variable value for the greater all, and are probably the bigger burden. I’m disabled and I live off of the far-below-poverty S.S.D. in my dead mother’s name, which would have been her retirement, and my own S.S.D. from the short period of my life when I struggled to even work, while having schizophrenia.

I have several full time jobs that I do for free. My dad’s ranch is basically in squalor and he can’t afford to hire workers after he pays all of his own income and property taxes. I work for him for free; he’s my only employer who never fired me for my bipolar problems. That seems to be my only purpose in life, after the first only purpose I had as being my parents’ child, which is basically being their cute magical talking pet to show off to everybody for societal status (a pet that really had no future, plan, or prayer). My dad pays the government more than the government pays me anyway, so it’s like to say I mathematically live off of my own dad as much as or less than you and government workers also live off my dad, and your personal taxes don’t even out to give me one red cent, because my income is all from my dad’s labor and taxes.

Speaking of government workers, like social workers and mental hospital people-torturers: they make a living wage out of the same money pot that pays the disabled people it’s supposed be helping with the below-poverty S.S.D. jack-squat. And I even got a letter in January that says the government is going to repossess any assets I own, or savings, that are worth over $200 this year. All I’m saying is that if 40 people weren’t paid to force medications upon me and all that money went to me instead, I probably wouldn’t even be mentally ill and dangerous to myself because I could afford a healthier lifestyle. Let my psychiatrist flip the crabby patties.

The math behind that paragraph goes far deeper than I can explain. All I can say is that you have to experience these mental hospitals and drugs and drug statements for yourself first-person. I’ll try to put a picture in your head about this anyway, if you can read it all or even want to. For starters: I have to take a shot that only makes me overweight and physically sick all the time, and I don’t even want nor probably even need to take this shot. It’s merely enforced from a decision based on 5 minutes of parliamentary procedure with the Mental Health Board of Region-4 Nebraska, strangers who all have an opposite world-view than me. My shot costs over a thousand dollars and they pay a nurse over another thousand dollars just to give me the one shot and they pay a doctor (with a doctorate in forcing you to take drugs for psychological things) thousands of dollars just to talk to me for five minutes a month (doesn’t help). After Trump got elected, Medicare sent me a letter recommending that I go on something cheaper, like Thorazine I guess? All three mental hospitals I’ve ever been in, in Nebraska: one is a refurbished maternity ward that was built earlier than the 1950’s, another is a refurbished building that doubles as an orphanage (home) from earlier than the 1950’s, and the state mental hospital, 14 buildings (building #14 is for sex offenders; I was in building #10 where the inpatient schizoaffective etc. are placed!), are the same buildings from the 1930’s and 40’s where they used to perform lobotomies and it even has its own graveyard where they would bury their own patients killed by lobotomies, because said patients could not afford plots in a real cemetery. Psychiatry is, and always will be, the ghetto of medicine, until more popular scientists disprove the dopamine imbalance theory that was invented by a pig farmer in the 1950’s (many scientists who aren’t in bed with Big Pharma already have disproved it!). The highest tech that a psychiatrist ever use in those places for anyone’s mental healthcare, still today, was an old-timey E.K.G. from the 1970’s, and it’s only to make sure that the medications that they prescribe based on a diagnosis made of 3-5 minute sessions of verbal questions, don’t screw up your heart bad enough to kill you. Big Pharma studies already allow them to screw up your heart and other major biological functions a little bit, for the good of your ambiguous mood and thought problem.

I write my own blog, and proofreading/debugging all of my old articles and Javascript/HTML/PHP/RGSS/etc./apps/tutorials/etc. and perfecting and touching-up over 1,000 of my own web-comics and artwork and graphics is also a full time job. It’s all at btw; you should check it out.

I could work for another (wealthier) ranch and/or do shitty graphics for an internet banner-advertisement graphics studio or whatever, to earn a more-honest living, but I don’t see the point. Those things are about as valuable to you as the things that I already do.

I’m like a spider among this human insect world. I do my own thing that seemingly benefits no other insect, but I assure you there is a place in insect society and the webs I spin are beautiful and valuable to me.

I also work for myself as my own caretaker, when others would have to earn a decent income to hire someone for it, or else force their own wife and children to do it for them, so they can come home to crap in a clean bathroom after working all day. I have no children or dependents and never will, and all while people who earn an “honest” wage might have already banged out up-to 4 hungry child mouths for society to feed for 20 years a piece, and those children will probably repeat this cycle and have up-to 4 children same, and that is a temporal burden that only grows exponentially. There is no government mandated law or even a biological law in human nature, scientifically nor nonsacrilegiously, that says you even need to have children in the first place, but that sentiment is for another blog article.

tl;dr “To an ugly troll who doesn’t understand beauty, a professional beautician might be considered a burden on society. A bible salesman is worthless to an atheist. Even every human in the whole world is worthless to a simple little rock.”


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