Mountain Dew Flu

I don’t know what to blog.

Mtn. Dew gives me dry heaves. That’s been going on lately.

It’s easier to quit pop off meds. This ^ is my last can. I’m gonna be sick 🙁

I’m not even a sodaholic.

I crave all kinds of sugar and weird crap when my brain is deprived of its natural dopamine and serotonin from Abilify Maintena and other involuntary medications of quackery.

Deficit => Anhedonia => Demand

And this is psychotropically true for things that cause a brain to have dopamine while it’s being antagonized or blocked, taboo things or non.

How do I know this ^ ? I’ve analyzed my dang self for over 14 years of these involuntary meds.

I’m mentally ill, but they treat me like I’m not sentient.

I’m the true scientist on dopamine theory, because I actually take these involuntary psychotropics. The literal hog farmer who invented dopamine theory can tranquilize an angry pig with it, but your psychiatry doctorate is illiterate to what is actually going on. It’s like you only watched the movie and you squeaked-it on the quiz about the book, and that is the origin of your doctorate. That’s a literature test analogy. These doctors who merely see me for only 5 minutes a month and only make small talk, are drug-pushing illiterate Nebraskan Christian quacks.

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