Jacob Jilg, Arrested for Nothing?

This is a screenshot of the August 12th, 2013 Columbus Telegram – cached website

So it turns out Columbus Telegram, falsely reported my Mental Health Board EPC (Emergency Protective Custody warrant) as an arrest warrant.

(the difference: arrested is when you are doing something illegal!)

I was EPC’d because I stopped seeing my doctor. He actually refused to see me because I wasn’t going to take my shot, and he refused to taper me off it. I have to see a doctor for my outpatient commitment.

Columbus Telegram, you’re paying off my credit cards… (me as Trump)

For the record: I’ve never been in prison nor jail, and I’ve never been arrested. I’ve been in a lot of locked hospitals, but that’s for my diagnosed illness and treating it; not a crime and punishment.

I found this when I googled my own name again. (I gotta keep tabs on some old cyberbullies spreading the phrase “hurf durf, it’s jake jilg” and I want to catfish them.)

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