Dear Blog, “Lactating and Not A Mom” May 13th 2017 (Saturday)

so: this post contains fat selfies

I’m done with Abilify Maintena, Haldol Decanoate, Invega Trinza, Risperdal Consta, because always flubber blubber and depression…This ^ is healthy?
Do you bet your doctorate?!

I’ve known the yo-yo weight since 2006, and it’s always only when on antipsychotics. I also know my natural brain chemistry. I’m not thinking the same on these involuntary psychotropics. I need to take my life back.

My mom was depressed because she drank. I hate alcohol. I’m depressed because I’m forced to take the chemical equivalent, neuroleptic antipsychotic medications. (Google dopamine imbalance theory, invented by a hog farmer)

In the name of all that is scientific and/or holy: PSYCHIATRY IS NOT MEDICINE!

To heck with my body at this point. I just want my mind back. Then my body might come back after some work, with extra flab, same as always. Or else… Or else what? What? That’s what. What? A cartoon? Yes, I’ll make more cartoons.

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