Norton and Nort-off

My brother is getting me all computer paranoid. He’s off his meds talking about, he’s getting hacked on all his devices, and he called Apple and the Apple Genius told him to call the FBI. I’ve noticed weird happenings when I’m online, so I’m worried about things…

I subscribed to Norton because you never know. I got Deluxe which means I can install it on 5 computers. I have an iMac and an HP Notebook.

I mean it works. It found one adware installed on my PC and some tracking cookies with my first and last name in the cookie.

This is how I got the adware. Windows 8.1 couldn’t find the driver for my SD card slot, so I got the driver from (which I won’t link to, because it gives you adware) – Driver Pack Solutions, and sure enough I was having random pop-up ads and sure enough Norton took care of it, and I even got to keep my SD card slot driver, which makes me suspect I didn’t even need DRPSU.On my Mac however, not one virus or tracking cookie was ever found, and to top it off, the safe browser extension and the idle scans made my iMac hot enough to bake brownies, and if you Google Norton Mac + symdaemon you’ll see that it’s a common problem for symdaemon to chew up the CPU constantly for no good reason and if you disable auto scans and safe browsing you get constant pop ups about how your Mac is insecure,

so I just called Norton Support to get a refund

I only had to spell my name Jilg about 40 times, because it’s not J.I.L.T. or G.I.L.T. or G.I.L.G. ; it’s J.I.L.G, but the call was a success at getting a refund.

I’m only blogging about it because I have no life. C’est la vie.

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