The journal diaries of reclusive blogging hermit continued…

Entry #242 – Ghost Cat

Every once in a while all the neighborhood dogs all start barking. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around; they love to bark at passing strangers and when the weather alert alarm tests sound they all start howling. I live in a small town; I can hear every little sound through the walls. I can hear my neighbor’s refrigerator. Lately at times, they just didn’t stop barking so I got curious and peak out the window. Is somebody out there? So I see this cat just standing there staring at the dogs.

Oh. It’s just a cat.

Still peaking out the window, I see that the cat that seemed stationary has now gone; I can no longer see it. The dogs keep barking, so my Spidey sense is tingling; where did that cat go? The dogs still see it, but I can’t, but sure enough it seemed to appear out of thin air in another location. I didn’t see it and there it was. It’s moving around, but I never see it walking. It just sits there staring at those barking dogs.

At this point, I’m as interested in this mysterious cat as those dogs are. I decided to take a picture of it. I got this blurry photo of the cat, but only about 16 barking incidents later. Every time I went to look through the camera, the cat was gone. This sounds stupid, but the cat is around those dogs for 10 minutes at a time and whenever I go to take a photo of it, it’s vanished. This Sasquatch-esque photo is all I can turn up for this blog article sadly.

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