You’re Awesome Like This Pizza!

The hierarchy of pizza goes

  1. Brick Oven
  2. Pizza Oven (Hut)
  3. Homemade
  4. Microwave
  5. Oven (store)
  6. ________________
  7. all other foods below this…

I rank microwave over oven because it is better. Microwave includes Pizza Pockets and Pizza Rolls, Pizza Bagels, etc.

Oven? It’s not delivery, it’s because it’s only five bucks and tastes like burnt cheese on a stale baguette.

The only exception to this oven low rank rule if the oven pizza is really frozen Brick Oven like Marifano.

Homemade oven also ranks above oven like how you use two lbs of hamburger and a 8 cup bag of cheese like this…

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