b9mx.com now a domain mask

Now I will bore you with some web design talk.

I own b9mx.com with GoDaddy because my Tumblr name was Benign-Mx and I used a custom domain. The Mx was for Freehand Mx which was the theme of my art blog. Benign was just a word I thought could be B9, for a short memorable domain.

I can’t use it as an addon domain with my GoDaddy hosting because I’m on the cheap package that only allows 1 domain. But I can create the illusion of hosting it with domain masking, in my GoDaddy domain forwarding thing. It turns out that it just displays my other website in a single frame html frameset.GoDaddy thought they could trick me into upgrading my hosting by giving me a free domain that I can’t use with this hosting package because it’s 1 domain only.

So now I’m putting my webcomics on b9mx.com just like when I was on my b9mx Tumblr domains, even though it’s not really B9mx.com anymore and frames have disadvantages like no url copying or title.

It’s handier if you just use the direct links to the jakeis.com links. This is just a way for anyone who still ‘members b9mx.com so they can get a vague frame redirect to my new domain.

In other news, my old scripts host and Tumblr scripts blog domains redirect to my Greasyfork profile without masking.
http://script.b9mx.com/ and http://scripts.b9mx.com/
both will become (or may be still propagating)
If you notice the @namespace of my userscripts always points to script.b9mx.com, my old hosted script folder. Now I only have to update one set of scripts. See before I had to update the hosted version and the Greasyfork version.

Update: Just using 301 redirects instead of masking now. It seems to be more search engine friendly.

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