Blog Post #0 – Jan 28, 2017

I’ve been meaning to get paid hosting since I deleted my Tumblr. I cancelled in October because GoDaddy was flooding my email with renewal notices. I didn’t like anyway because people don’t know how to say or spell Jilg sometimes; they overthink it. Somebody is squatting on right now because GoDaddy says it’s unavailable. I don’t want it anyway, but knowing somebody else has my full name .com feels like having my identity stolen.

So I was playing around with domains with my name. Most of them are premium or squat-on. It came down to,,,, or Jakefeed sounds like a spam blog with lots of pop-ups. I don’t think .co is very visit worthy; I can’t think of any .co sites that I visit regularly. I’m not a jakeboy; it sounds like porn or something. Jake the Blog has a nice ring to it. It was was a toss up with that, but I went with Two words is easier. (Is) is short.

The deciding factor was the Wayback Machine. has a history spanning 2011-2016 which means it’s being crawled regularly. Maybe it’s being crawled because it gets visitors or whatever the whole SEO chicken and egg thing. Apparently it used to belong to a band or something. It’s my blog now. I can’t find an actual cached page, only redirects to It must not be that important. The page it used to redirect to is 404. I think it’s just one of those now-abandoned college garage bands, but I didn’t dig into the info.

I looked up on Wayback afterwards and in fact it actually was a site about a dog in 2003 or whatever.

EDIT 4/21/17 GoDaddy was squatting on my domain to keep me from re-registering at a promotional sale price, trying to force me to renew at the full price. However, time passed and nobody else bought so I got it at the sale price after all, and now that domain just redirects to here, because I can only afford hosting for one domain. This is my first WordPress post, but I’ve been backdating some things from my deleted Jake Jilg Tumblrs and old personal homepages. This blog is looking up. Doing things…

You can probably read English, but you can’t read my English, because I’ve gone so many years without talking to anybody, that I have forgotten how to talk…

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