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I wrote this app to include my Tumblr pages in my themes. It’s lost its value now that I’m on wordpress and can do all that with theme php. Regardless, back then I had a page of the blogs I follow (I can do followers too with a different thing) on my main blog and then I used this generated javascript to include themed blogs-I-follow on all my secondary blogs which is not by a Tumblr default thing. This is custom made for Tumblr “custom” pages because it removes the Tumblr page garbage, but this can include any HTML page anywhere.

<script type="text/javascript" id="myScriptID" src="http://jakeis.com/json/include_page/replace/myScriptID/with/https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test/json.js"></script>


https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test – is my page
myScriptID is the ID of the script or element, will be replaced with included html

It’s simple.

Here is a button with the ID to be replaced instead. Click the button to embed this sample page.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://jakeis.com/json/include_page/replace/replaceThisButton/with/https://sans-social.tumblr.com/test/json.js"></script>

It’s easier to replace the script that deals it, but for this live example I replace a button with that ID.

Ethically you should only include html pages that you own. I think if you try to include Google or something it will block the curl.

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