April 14, 2016 – Eviction From My Home of Five Years

Maintenance man, Chris at Columbus Place, Columbus, was in my apartment shouting like an angry meth head, figuratively or possibly literally given his behavior. All I did was take down my blinds which was apparently against the lease in small print I had forgotten about years ago. Chris wasn’t even working there at the time. He probably doesn’t even work there now.

This sounds like a funny story, but I don’t even talk to people in this building. Confrontation is way out of my comfort zone. I raised a fist at him and backed him out while he was still shouting at me, and my knees wear shaking with utter fear as I did this. (fight or flight) But I called the cops on him and lost my apartment.

I’m not your dad Chris. God knows who is. You were in my home.

I should have been shouting at him if I had the courage to speak up about the building during his 1 year as maintenance man.

Look at his work.

He left me without hot water all winter and without a whole home in the summer.

He came in my apartment to spray and wipe stuff, which is something I do anyway.

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