My Dad’s House 24.7 Feb2016

This is what the basement looked like in 2010, when I lived in my dad’s basement. I kept it mostly clean. The basement was my workout room and office for the most part. It must be nice.

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This post contains some disturbing images of a messy house. Continue only if you feel like it.

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This is my dad’s house 24/7 ever since mom passed away.

I use my camera phone for a natural low-res filter, because high-res would be disgusting to you, and disrespectful to my dad.

And there he is watching 6 hours of investigative cop drama and super-redundant reruns of TBS Big Bang Theory, episodes that he swears he’s never seen before, when I sat there and watched it with him.

He’s worked more than the 1940’s John Deere tractors still operational and in use on his ranch and he still does, but for some reason he can’t do his dishes or remember the monthly trash day (nephew diapers rotten in the trash since my brothers were home for Christmas.) or pick up anything at all.

I really wish they would carry bag those diapers home or to the nearest pit-stop trash, because (°*°)

This ^ day parallels with this day :

I Dub Thee Husband And Wiper

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