Coffee Blogging – Every Good Blog Needs This

For its 91,046,479th appearance on blog on the web…

Coffee is a good thing. Don’t make bad coffee.

Here is a list of the basic advice that most avid coffee drinkers will tell you if you are just getting into coffee or you are bad at coffee.

  • Make sure to clean your coffee maker once a month by running a pot of 1 part water and 1 part distilled white vinegar through an empty filter, pause brewing about halfway for 20 minutes, followed by a pot of plain water through an empty filter. This keeps it from getting moldy.
  • City water makes for bad coffee too. A gallon of drinking water is usually about a dollar at a good grocery store. Make coffee with that.
  • Don’t leave it on the burner too long. It can overcook the coffee and make it taste bad that way too.
  • If you still make bad coffee after this short checklist, buy better grounds or just get the beans and grind your own. (I don’t grind my own, but I’ve read nice things.)

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