Young Ziggy Z – Pop For CD – true story

I was blinging two cans of Monster Zero energy drinks from the Casey’s up the street, strutting all around the adult daycare (Rainbow Center) to show my wealth to all the other goofy goobers, but also because I love caffeine. I got to self medicate for the forced medicate.

This ^ Ziggy Z guy was also attending the Rainbow adult daycare and that wigger panhandled me for one of my pops. He told me I’d get a CD in trade. I went back a week later and got the CD of his raps. It sounds like shit too, wow!

But that guy’s rap career is like my art/web design career (sans drugs?). You’ve got one life to live and it’s short, and the Mental Health Board has taken mine. The lyrics are some deep shit. He might sound good in a studio. I might make a blog worth a shit, with… probably never.

I’ve been backdating 7+ years of this ^ blog pre 2016, because now I’m in WordPress… This article is one of many that just went up today… My own family wouldn’t buy a copy of this blogged biography if it were on paper.

My actual own rap below.

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