My Awesome Bachelor Pad

In other news: PG-rated Barely19 girls from 2000-2005 JPEG internet TGP, now inkjet post-razor hang on my wall. I’m out of ink and I’m out of shame. I’m 29. It’s the last year of my 20’s. I can’t hold anything back now. My lawyer said the apartment looked “institutional” with nothing hanging on the walls. I’ve been dying to use my printer anyway.
Posted this on Facebook and my brother-in-law comment-attacked my decor and I felt attacked from the comment. Said it looked college among a bunch of other TLC interior-decorator lingo. I called him a “fag” and immediately deleted my post; hope he didn’t see it! He’s an open homosexual. I’m a closet homosexual myself, among other things.

So this is how I get all the hard water stains and piss muck off the white walls of the toilet bowl. I plug the toilet and let it soak in some bleach or some C.L.R. (but not both at the same time!)

Is there a better way? Please comment.

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