Elopement Precautions (that means it’s out the window)


I owe this ^ independent artist an explanation some time, because I literally married one his works of art in 2015.


Sigard and I, both owe this guy ^ explanation, mayhaps?

My wife is Princess Peach, and we’ve been together as friends since the late 1980’s. True story.


pingback test

This in my photography category, because these are hard with a selfie stick… This art is not mine, but she is mine, in holy Nintendo-mo-ney…

I was packing stuff about the eviction, but because I’m moving in with my dad’s nightmare dump house temporarily, but I decided to do my apartment real nice so I can take pictures of this little box of an apartment before I move back into dad’s nightmare dump.

Me animation networking like…

Steven L.
Hi Jake! That’s actually really good. Maybe one day you can get it narrated. I haven’t seen the show, but your animation makes me want to see it now.
Hope you are finding an outlet now that the forums are offline.

– Steven

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This is an old Toonami cartoon Death Note (Yagami Light) and it is becoming American Netflix real action movie… from Entertainment Weekly Tumblr – http://entertainmentweekly.tumblr.com/post/158706049382/shall-we-begin-watch-the-first-trailer-for


Season 1 of Death Note in 8 minutes ^

I accidentally made your gmail a dot co instead of a dot com, and I tried to wish you a happy Canada day on the 2nd of July… July 7th… I want to die… jakeis.com “doing things”


Will Jake Jilg (me) get an Albinoblacksheep featured cartoon for the first time since 2008, this year in September? (fingers crossed!)

If not, we can always get a new (old) season of jakeis.com/germs going… It’s is my favorite self made web comics series (tooting my own horn). The universe is most definitely a toilet. If I posted germs to my landlord’s Facebook timeline, instead of army girl, maybe I’d still have an apartment.

Speaking of AlbinoBlackSheep.com and cartoons, I saw this on Google So I naturally thought of my Canadian McDonald’s working brother from TrollCatComics.com in this week’s promo video.

He’s Indian (Hindi) and he works for McDonald’s… The irony is not lost on 81 Beef County.

Hit The Road, Jake

The landlord was so “threatened” by my cartoon, I guess… On top of two weeks in the mental hospital with involuntary “God’s sakes!” injections, for my cartoon, I’m losing my apartment and have about 9 days to move out, like double jeopardy.

Where are we going to move, daddy?


HP Flatbed Scanner, Scanning High Powered Industrial Magnets, No Problem

I know about AA and HP, but I need something more like a TotallyCluelessAndPoverty+A.
Youtube indi-artists, free music, made this little scanning blog video 100% cooler.
I still don’t know what to do.

In AA, HP means any spiritual higher power. I’ve grown to hate alcohol since before I even turned 21 and I’m now 33, but it seems I might should look up these AA meetings for something to do, because the treatment for mental illness enforced by an actual doctor and the law even backs said doctor, that treatment it damages my body and mind in a level reminiscent to my high school drinking years. (weight gain, diminished thought, stifled creativity, and all over permanent depression, from these intramuscular psych-medications that, God help me, I wish I could refuse.)

Hot Dang! That’s a Big Schematic!



Hey Ben (Ikuta?). Everyone at the Faith Regional BHU, funny farm, really liked the book you recommended. It gave me something to muse at for three weeks while I ate about my Region IV’s expense, $40k per day worth of free food, like the average high school kid does, every day, in a school year (I ATE DOUBLE PORTIONS! woot!). Thankyou to my brother from another mother.

  • Psychology
  • breaks down to biology
  • breaks down to chemistry
  • breaks down to physics
  • breaks down to mathematics
  • breaks down to simple math
  • breaks down to…
  • are you smarter than a fifth grader?

From Jake.

Here ^ is my remaining artwork that I kept in my 2 weeks of behavioral hospital. The missing artwork, I gave to hot young moms with my Facebook information, in hopes to make new penpals or something in future.


Lost Weight… Now I’m flabby…

I haven’t taken my involuntary shot since December; went back to exercising and I already lost 50 lbs. I gotta keep this skin flab under wraps. This is truly better for mental health than that nasty shot.

I have an ominous foreboding about cops randomly showing up at my door about my force med order again. I’ve never been in the hospital overweight.

Update:Now I’m carrying around my 60lb rock baby everywhere I go. I gotta get my high school core back.

Jakeis.com – doing things


This is my real life will based on my poverty. This is not a threat. This is all the funeral my life insurance can afford. If you make my struggle a threat to your own life, then you are a retard. This will is me being responsible. Thorazine still does not cure poverty you cheeky twat!

UPDATE: July 24th – I posted one of my artworks to my landlord’s facebook, because she seems to have everyone in the community as a friend and I was like: sup, I’m struggling with mental illness, but this is what I’ve been up to, making comics this past 10 years.

In conjunction with one of these web comic panels posted to my landlord’s facebook, Bassett Nebraska Peace Officer Josh Severin on the local Rock County police (I’m not making this up) just took me to the mental hospital where I was locked up for two weeks. Actual grown adults, made MY blog and MY Facebook about themselves, a threat, as if they were playing some kind of Fox network live action cop drama. I really could have done without that in my life, right now.

My 2017, Another 5th Grade Javascript Portfolio in Memorium – All in a day’s work, Lali Ho!

I was a veteran user named Mogwai.

Every single RPG Maker GIF here ^ represents one of my community contributions and/or bugfixes and script creations and MV html apps, aimed for RPG Maker MV for kids and developers alike. My volunteer hobby/job for the school year… I got the Google learn+tinker+create fever…


I’ve been banned from RPG Maker Web and this seems like a conspiracy.

Photobucket is restricting img embedding on RPG Maker Web, or so it seems, and demanding $99 a year in hotlink img substitutes, but so it seems by my investigation this fake ad only appears on the RPG-Maker-Web forums, as if they have an .htaccess hidden proxy embed that restricts Photobucket in replace of skeathy ad, for whatever reason that I can only assume that the American distributor wants more than a cup of coffee for lazily combining free open source (client source) javascript libraries into a reliable HTML5 game engine, simply wrapped in the free open source Chromium browser, etc. Photobucket scandal, and I called out the moderator Kes and I told people to simply update their Adblock Plus for security, and Kes who seems to be my main suspect in this scareware Photobucket scam, and said Kes who first temp banned me and then permabanned me when my temp ban was over, double jeopardy, even though I had already zipped my lips about the whole ordeal.

Steam/Steampowered is already a notorious P2P cesspool of scams and phisher sites, and once received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau… Photobucket is the image host of Gaiaonline, and I’m not even going to begin to open that whole book of skeaze. Just google if you are curious about that horror story.

If this doesn’t make sense, I’m too angry about my ban to state all my assumptions. In retrospect it’s probably more of my mental illness. I’m getting too much $%&! in many other areas in my once functional life right now, to arse with this kiddy RPG Maker crisis, and I just want to sleep forever without dreaming… Hook me up and harvest my organs please…

“You use the Mogwai like you do with all nature’s gifts. You are foolish. You do not understand.”

Gremlins 1984

R.I.P. my volunteer job. I’m disgruntled, but maybe I’ll do my own game some time and sell it on a more reputable medium like Apple Store. Steam is dead to me.

My New Walk is Found

MY HOMETOWN! (no more Lincoln, Columbus, Fremont, Omaha, etc. walking) I’m back! The old stomping grounds… or something…

The crop circles are irrigation pivots.

The cowboy’d black cattle get spooked when you are near, but those white ones just chill and sit there like horses.

The blurry dot is a rabbit (flip phone camera).

There are no motorized vehicles allowed on this trail, but think about the gravel spreader. It’s a mule, I just found out.

This walk equates to my 15 mile daily walk circumscribing Columbus 2011-2016. (Measured by Google Maps.)

I’m off my involuntary meds again and now I’ve got 70 nueroleptic lbs to burn again.

I about died! Shit! My hometown is dry like a desert and there are no Casey’s General Store every corner to hydrate. I got dizzy and passed out under tree and when I awoke I was walking the wrong way, because I ended up at the cemetery and I visited my mom’s grave, and it was like a sign from above, because there is a pump fountain near mom’s grave and I had to drink from it.

The road ahead!

In 2006 I got a shirt from a walk for charity thing in this town, volunteering at the library. I wore the heck out of it after my parents had me sent to the city. All I’ve done is walk and blog for the past ten years, really.

I saw some alfalfa baling and thought it was hay (I am really out of shape on this! It’s hard to believe that I used to FFA range judge or that I even graduated out here, doing this stuff.). Hay, that’s going to be my job at dad’s in July.

Summer “Chanuka?” Light Show – Equinox Rave

It sounds like this with some raver music turned on the iPod. I was out walking in the country, no city lights and I finally made it to those Capital-Building-always-over-the-horizon-esque-but-you-can-never-get-there grain-bins-silos and it took two hours, but it was 9pm when I got there and I realize I had no sunlight to get back. Dumb luck, eh. I was listening to my lolicore raver playlist on the way back to town. The lightning show is surprisingly silent.

I just got back at midnight and I’m eating Hormel dogfood, pre-processed lard and beans.

I did not have my camera, but there was non stop lightning in the clouds. You may know it from camping in this area. I never did. There were also blinking firebugs lighting up the road and I think I swallowed one. It was a pretty cool light show, and it got me back to town.

Beyonce ^

Loli Ripe ^ listen

the nuance is: I still want to die.