I made a Github pun.

BTW. I hope a hero web designer picks up on my pride-n-joy-baby Greasyfork script, Mass Post Features, because I’m still banned from my computer for being depressed and not attending said mental health treatment, day care. Don’t worry. I said a prayer a few hundred times, and I finally woke up, bright and early for a change, on time for day care today. If I can repeat 7 times, I will get my computers back.


I’m 34 and Nazi “Center Pointe” natural brain chemistry rehab conformity superfluous life style training “Community Transitions” of “Lincoln Nebraska” 68503 is holding my two computers and roughly $5,000 of electronics ransom for my non-consensual participation in an adult-daycare for druggos and goobers, Mid Pointe of Lincoln Nebraska. I haven’t been participating and they stole my computers and are holding them ransom for more funding from the government in my name/signature. Happy gdamn bday!

Tim Cook from Apple using Node JS as an insult, is a stretched insult to Node (sorry Node), but all I’ll saying is that Mid-Pointe and Center-Pointe are written by 12 year old script kitties like me who can only write apps compiled in builds of Node-ed-Chromium in Javascript and HTML & CSS web design speaking. LOL! And they would do something as dumb as use require, which is inside of Node, oxymoron script grammar that.

This ^ meme stuff is all that I can create right now. I’m on a public computer, miles away from peace, freedom, privacy, and design software…

This Blog is Dead

I’m in dire need of mass curation, and I’m too lazy to.

I need to delete every single post, but I’d have to do it one-by-one, because my economy hosting mucking my bulk WordPress post features…

Request-URI Too Long

The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

Additionally, a 414 Request-URI Too Long error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

else I see this trying to delete all my posts at once ^

And Frankly I’m too lazy to.

My plan is a total FTP delete when I’m not on a public computer in mental health adult daycare….

PSA: Wash your hands after using public computer.
PPSA: Don’t use public computer.


coming in future – deleting every post

I want to make this blog “safe for work”. I honestly don’t know how I dropped so many cartoon butts and boobs in the art blog. I’m like a werewolf off meds and I don’t want to be. Bipolar disorder is tantamount to werewolf. I said it. Middle life uncle crisis: I need to be hecking Christian as heck or else I will never have nephews out my own self because all the young moms won’t like me.


Missing for 8 Months? I’m like 1/3 back now!

Discharged From LRC

From the state mental hospital, to the Psych.Res. Rehab.

Psych.Res. Rehab is big in Nebraska. I don’t know why. It’s a 1/2 restricted, residential, drug treatment house/apartment, for normal people (not drug users), and the intent is to get the normal people sober from their natural brain chemistry. That means, I’m classified as “mentally ill & dangerous” and I’ll never be allowed to live off of monthly injections again, that cause serious facial motor problems and/or all the complications of living with a  tinkered, foreign brain chemistry

I don’t know why, but I’m starting to believe them.

I’ll have much blogging for recovery, to do in future, but right now I’m just leaving this post to let people (anyone?) know I’m back. This is a public computer. I don’t feel safe logging into my email and WordPress. I saw a 40+ year old looking man, here, playing Gaiaonline, yesterday. I don’t feel safe.

Hello Brittany and Nathanial!

Thanks to ^ for getting me out of LRC! I hope that place doesn’t turn you into the treatment monsters of the older employees there.


I have much curating to do, here!

Nobody is reading this…

Mass Post Features is broken again, probably. I can’t really test/fix it on a public computer. Please bare with me for up to a year to recover my life and doing things.

I made a Push-Box / Push-Block Engine

It’s just some HTML and Javascript, but tinkering with Javascript to make something is just as rewarding to me as playing a puzzle game. I stole most of the level block setup from my flip phone, but now you can easily add more levels just by adding to an array. Something to do… I got the time…

You might be thinking: What the heck gives you the right to rip flip-phone Push Box maps? I just made this for fun to see if I could make it. Actually if you research the game on Youtube, you’ll find many different Push Box versions with identical maps dating back to the original Japanese Sokoban 1981. That’s actually how I have to solve the hard ones, watching the identical map videos.

The game link: http://jakeis.com/push_box.html

If a level is too hard, you can skip to any level by adding/changing the ?number at the end of the URL. It goes 0-14 where 15 is the win screen.

(Feb 2nd 2017 – I just added one line of CSS so the player doesn’t hide the goal spaces with his background color.)

This game uses base64-encoded images so the whole thing is portable. You can save the push_box.html and make any changes you want: add new levels or cheats or whatever. It might violate the spirit of the game to cheat and I assure you every level is passable, but some are even too hard for me.

The walls color is random. If you don’t like the certain color, you can reload and get a new color.

Feb 1st, 2017 (bumped to Feb 1st, 2018, because favorites)

Lark! A post on my guestbook! (Twitter tutorial request)

May 30, 2017 @ 17:48) bumped to Jan 30 because I like this post

I never get any feedback on my guestbook, but sure enough I got a rare comment from one of my rare Greasyfork fans.

Dilbert wants to know how to edit the Tweets for a fake screenshot, but also how to edit like/retweet/reply counts.

This can be done with the element inspector with plain vanilla Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. with no addons. (perhaps web dev mode needs enabled in IE; not sure)

Here is a tutorial.

Couldn’t think of anything clever to make the Pope say for this tutorial. I should have looked up a joke.

EDIT: @Dilbert – I don’t know how to reach you, but I’ve implemented in that userscript a string parsing function to simply edit the retweet counts with x[number,number,number,number] https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/10926-twitter-tweet-edit-for-screenshot

Me animation networking like…

Steven L.
Hi Jake! That’s actually really good. Maybe one day you can get it narrated. I haven’t seen the show, but your animation makes me want to see it now.
Hope you are finding an outlet now that the forums are offline.

– Steven

Sent from my iPhone

On Jul 7, 2017, at 12:18 PM, Jake Jilg <▀▓▄░@▀▓▄░.com> wrote:

This is an old Toonami cartoon Death Note (Yagami Light) and it is becoming American Netflix real action movie… from Entertainment Weekly Tumblr – http://entertainmentweekly.tumblr.com/post/158706049382/shall-we-begin-watch-the-first-trailer-for


Season 1 of Death Note in 8 minutes ^

I accidentally made your gmail a dot co instead of a dot com, and I tried to wish you a happy Canada day on the 2nd of July… July 7th… I want to die… jakeis.com “doing things”


Will Jake Jilg (me) get an Albinoblacksheep featured cartoon for the first time since 2008, this year in September? (fingers crossed!)

If not, we can always get a new (old) season of jakeis.com/germs going… It’s is my favorite self made web comics series (tooting my own horn). The universe is most definitely a toilet. If I posted germs to my landlord’s Facebook timeline, instead of army girl, maybe I’d still have an apartment.

Speaking of AlbinoBlackSheep.com and cartoons, I saw this on Google
So I naturally thought of my Canadian McDonald’s working brother from TrollCatComics.com in this week’s promo video.

He’s Indian (Hindi) and he works for McDonald’s… The irony is not lost on 81 Beef County.

HP Flatbed Scanner, Scanning High Powered Industrial Magnets, No Problem

I know about AA and HP, but I need something more like a TotallyCluelessAndPoverty+A.
Youtube indi-artists, free music, made this little scanning blog video 100% cooler.
I still don’t know what to do.

In AA, HP means any spiritual higher power. I’ve grown to hate alcohol since before I even turned 21 and I’m now 33, but it seems I might should look up these AA meetings for something to do, because the treatment for mental illness enforced by an actual doctor and the law even backs said doctor, that treatment it damages my body and mind in a level reminiscent to my high school drinking years. (weight gain, diminished thought, stifled creativity, and all over permanent depression, from these intramuscular psych-medications that, God help me, I wish I could refuse.)

My New Walk is Found

MY HOMETOWN! (no more Lincoln, Columbus, Fremont, Omaha, etc. walking) I’m back! The old stomping grounds… or something…

The crop circles are irrigation pivots.

The cowboy’d black cattle get spooked when you are near, but those white ones just chill and sit there like horses.

The blurry dot is a rabbit (flip phone camera).

There are no motorized vehicles allowed on this trail, but think about the gravel spreader. It’s a mule, I just found out.

This walk equates to my 15 mile daily walk circumscribing Columbus 2011-2016. (Measured by Google Maps.)

I’m off my involuntary meds again and now I’ve got 70 nueroleptic lbs to burn again.

I about died! Shit! My hometown is dry like a desert and there are no Casey’s General Store every corner to hydrate. I got dizzy and passed out under tree and when I awoke I was walking the wrong way, because I ended up at the cemetery and I visited my mom’s grave, and it was like a sign from above, because there is a pump fountain near mom’s grave and I had to drink from it.

The road ahead!

In 2006 I got this ^ green yellow shirt from a walk for charity thing in this town, volunteering at the library. I wore the heck out of it after my parents had me sent to the city. All I’ve done is walk and blog for the past ten years, really.

I saw some alfalfa baling and thought it was hay (I am really out of shape on this! It’s hard to believe that I used to FFA range judge or that I even graduated out here, doing this stuff.). Hay, that’s going to be my job at dad’s in July.

Post Razor Images Online

It’s weird about doing this on a Mac without any special program.

I wrote this! 🙂

Long story short:
I only like to print from Preview.app and it does not do tile printing. (?)

Regardless that there are already many ways to do this, like with Acrobat Reader, I’ve decided to make my own online app to slice images for razor printing.

That’s where you slice/razor all the paper away and concatenate the inkjet prints into one big poster.

Here is the link to the image razor thing… <<link


EDIT: Seconds later, I realized I had to change some of the jQuery because it acted differently on my server, than in MAMP. It’s working now.

I already used this thing to make this ^ paper blackshirts skull out of four sheets of A4 letter paper, for my black curtain.

Just print “scale to paper” from Preview.app

I also normally post the ?source link for these PHP things, but this one is all Javascript and canvas (a client-side source) so you can see the source normally View+Source in your browser without my usual PHP highlight_file query. The one line of PHP, part, just reflects the base64 PNG binary into a downloadable filename with the .htaccess file.

Quick Image Overlap

Sup! I made another image thing!

Drag and drop multiple images to make them overlap, with optional alpha translucency… For quick easy memes, without having to ‘shop them… I suppose…

link>> http://jakeis.com/quick_image_overlap/ << link link thing

This thing can also be handy for Flag Day!

Or view my source:

and see how you can make it too.